Bottle Fed Kittens

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

 *Emergency kitten formula recipe at the bottom*

Oh no....Oh yes....Oh no....Oh yes
...I can just imagine what you are thinking & you know those same thoughts are going right through my head too.  
Why oh why do we have kittens here at Sunnyside?
Why oh why are we bottle feeding them??
The yellow is due to the emergency formula we used ~ our free range egg yolks are very yellow!

Well it's really my fault ~ it was one of those moments you tend to forget, well unless you are prompted to remember.... I'd been driving the distance from town to home on our rather quiet country roads  occasionally being slowed down by the lazy harvest trucks struggling to maintain their speed under their heavy load, when my mind began to wander.... I often find myself contemplating different things of varying depths, and this day was no different from any other.  I was thinking about our cat for no particular reason & how he loves to go visiting for a spell who knows where  & comes home less & less regularly when I thought how nice it would be to get another house cat.  
It was just a thought &  I wasn't really planning on getting one, but maybe the humm of the engine was lulling my brain into illogical thinking..... 
....After all I AM NOT A CAT PERSON!

.....I'm sure God hears these random thoughts we have because that very night we heard a sound, a little soft mewing sound deep in the darkness of the garage, behind the old Jag car waiting  for it's engine to be repaired to give it a new life... it lies at the end of the already too long list of projects to be completed...

Maybe, maybe it wasn't really my fault though.... you see it really began the day before when Someone left the garage window open ( and it wasn't me).

Here's the abbreviated version of what happened next:

~ A very smart, wild mother cat made use of the open garage window (how she knew this was a house of kind-hearted people I don't know?  Maybe cats can talk ?) She deposited her little gifts for the kind-hearted people deep in the depth of the garage

~ The poor mother cat went outside & died  ~ maybe she sensed her upcoming demise when she placed her little bundles of fluffiness there beside the old car of the kind-hearted people.

~ The next day the  kind hearted people heard a sound they DID NOT WANT TO HEAR coming out of the darkness.  They tried to ignore it but it happened again ~ this time in stereo.

~ The kind-hearted people's stomach's dropped as they began to pull kittens out from the darkness ( thankfully there was only 3).

~ The kind hearted people put said meowing kittens into a box in hope that they belonged to a different mother cat and she would return & remove the pests pets.

Please disregard the spaghetti sauce all over these ragamuffins' faces :)

~ The next day the kittens were hungrier than ever & the kind hearted people knew they had little choice for they truly were kind-hearted people ~ well OK maybe she truly was a kind-hearted person & he had lived with her long enough to know he was going to be there for another adventure. 

~A quick google search resulted in an emergency formula being concocted & happy, fed kittens going to sleep in the arms of adoring children.

~ The shop assistant at 'Ag & Vet' laughed when the kind-hearted person phoned to ask about kitten formula, but he did tell her to call the vet.

~ The vet assured the kind-hearted people again & again of the limited chances of success, but happily took the money for the formula & bottle anyway

~ The kind-hearted person questioned her sanity once again as she taught yet another kind of  animal to adjust to yet another kind of teat (& I'm fairly sure we have a supply of every kind they make now ;) )
Scruffy ~ the one that didn't make it :(

So now 2 weeks later....
....One kitten had to be put down ( it was the kindest thing for the kind hearted person to do & trust me she did every one of the children who had loved so hard on this bundle of nothingness).

....One kitten made it's way to the home of a little girl from church who is in love with her new 'baby' and is excited about bottle feeding it for another week or so.

.....The other kitten ( the one who looked just like the Mama cat ) is making itself quite happily at home here at Sunnyside! It's been named 'Moonlight' because we always saw the Mama cat promenading in the moonlight!!
It sure is the softest, cutest little bundle of fur & kinda made it's way into our hearts very quickly. I'm not sure if it will ever need to learn to walk though with an adopted Mama like Miss Ellie ;)! 

Moonlight's favourite place to sleep!!


For those who are busy googling bottle fed kittens ( as I was) & couldn't care about how they came to be dwelling here at Sunnyside, this is the emergency formula recipe we used until we could get the real stuff:

85g ( 3oz) condensed milk; 85g (3oz) water; 85g ( 3oz) natural yoghurt; 3 egg yolks (being careful not to get the white in it).  Mix it together & try to feed it down a syringe or something that ends in a very small hole.  
(I'm not sure where I found this on the internet, so if it's from you ~ thank you ~ just let me know & I'd love to link to you).

The kittens loved this as it was so very sweet :)  They didn't like having to adjust to the less sweet real formula afterwards.

So now I've bottle fed calves, lambs & even kittens (I think even children a few times here & there) ..... wonder what's next on this adventure called life!?!?!?! 

(Just kidding Dave....... but you did leave the window open :)

Have a wonderful day my friends

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