Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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I sit & I look at the pictures  ~ the precious little ones ~ so innocent. Brutally gunned down in the place where they should be safest ~ in their classroom across the oceans.  

Why do bad things happen??
Why does God allow the helpless murder of the ones He made??
Why does God allow suffering?
Why does God allow pain??
Why? Why?  Why? Why?

 I cuddle my precious two the same age as those little ones ~ the two that He miraculously saved when enveloped inside.  The two who begin each prayer with 'thanks for saving us' & they mean it because they have been told their story of how God chose to give life when the doctors gave little hope. 
My heart bleeds for the mothers who's arms are empty today, who don't get to feel the warmth of those soft, wiggly bodies ~ the fathers' who miss the arms wrapped around their neck testing the strength of  immature muscles. And I hang on a little longer to those who are with me....
And in my humaness I can only ask 'Why?'

So I turn to that well worn book that I seek daily for guidance & strength... the torn & tattered one that sits by my pillow. And I read of creation ~ my creation by God not man.  I read of Jesus coming ~ this seasons' celebration!  I read of the supposed victory of Satan as our Saviour hung on that old piece of splintered wood ~ bleeding & bloody ~ & died in a most mortifying, horrific way. At the very instant the beast was dancing a victory dance his evil head was crushed and Jesus rose again  ~ conquering sin & death once & for all.  I read that the only way to salvation is in faith in Jesus Christ ~ the confession of sins & the acceptance of his grace gift.  As I read there is so much that I don't understand, yet even as a bud opens slowly to eventually become a beautiful flower so these Words open slowly to life & understanding & truth. What was once just words carries new meaning & I am so very thankful....

But still the questions linger ~ why does this world hold so much that I don't understand that no one would choose?
And then I remember that God is in control.  
In our humaness we question this because it  doesn't seem so at times.  But we can rest in the knowledge that even though Satan will continue to throw himself around wrecking havoc in this darkened world there is a True Light who has already won the victory over him.  It is only as I realise how small & insignificant I am that I can begin to comprehend even just a tiny bit of our Creator.  He knows, He cares, He is so much bigger than we are & even though we don't understand for a minute we can rest assured that He works all things for His purposes ~ His perfect purposes.

I don't know why these little children had to die, but I do know that through suffering many people turn to the Lord ~ may it be true of this tragedy.  
I don't know why my precious friend sits in pain each day, but I do know that she turns many to Him through her joyful attitude & kind encouragement   
I don't know why different friends suffer the pain of infertility, but I do know that the children who will enter their lives ~ children not of birth ~ will be cared for by  mothers who understand suffering & can help them make sense of theirs.  

His purposes ~ I don't understand ~ I don't even have the ability to comprehend because I don't need to.  It's all about faith.  

As a potter crushes & moulds the clay into something beautiful, so we are being made into something beautiful each day if we allow Him.

Praying today for the Mama's & Papas & brother & sisters who are mourning the loss of their precious ones.


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