Triple Layered Chocolate Balls

Thursday, December 19, 2013

This is one of our favourite family recipes to make for Christmas.  I have childhood memories of helping my Mum shape the different layers of the balls & licking the much-prized spoons.  My sisters & I still each make these every Christmas to keep the tradition going ( & because let's face it, anything with this much chocolate needs to be made every Christmas!!)  These are a little fiddly & involved, but trust me, they are worth every second they take ~ yes, they are indeed that good!!

Triple Layered Chocolate Balls


Inner Centres:
185g chocolate ( I use Cadbury milk, but dark makes it a little richer which is also nice);
1/2 cup sour cream;
NB.  This tends to make too many centres, but I never have troubles getting rid of left over centres ;)

250g plain sweet biscuits (crushed) (This is the only time each year when I buy shop brought sweet biscuits. I'm sure homemade would work fine if they were nice & crisp & crushed up well.) I brought gluten free so I could enjoy these as well;
1/4 cup sherry;
1/4 cup cocoa;
1 cup pure icing sugar;
125g chopped nuts;
185g butter (melted);

125g chocolate;
30g Copha;
1 cup dessicated coconut;

1. Melt centres chocolate, cool slightly.  Mix in sour cream.  Cover & refrigerate overnight.

2. Shape into small balls (the size of a small grape).  These are our balls & as you can see they are less than round, but I did have a lot of extra helpers (it's amazing how they are so much more willing to help with this than with cleaning the bathroom ;)). Put onto tray & place in freezer until hardened.

3. Middles: Combine biscuit crumbs, sherry, cocoa, icing sugar & nuts in a bowl. Pour in melted butter & mix well.

4. Flatten a circle in your hand & mould around an individual centre.  Refrigerate or freeze until set.

5. Outsides: Melt chocolate & copha together.  Cool, then add coconut.

6. Roll each ball in melted chocolate mixture & return to tray.  Freeze (or refrigerate) until set.

NB: We store ours in the freezer & eat them straight from it.  They need to be at least refrigerated, but since Christmas is so hot here, we enjoy them frozen!

Enjoy them ~ one at a time!!!
I hope you are having a wonderful time preparing to celebrate our Saviour's birthday!  
Blessings friends

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