Ours & Theirs....Combined

Thursday, May 12, 2016

One of our favourite movies to currently watch is 'Your, Mine and Ours'.  While the content is rather silly & the characters are more than over the top, the main theme is the joining of two families and that we can relate to so much right about now.

I seemed to have dropped out of the internet world and truthfully some of  these photos are well out of date (those chicks have already been promoted to the hen house & we have just hatched brand new chicks to take their place).  You see, we finally got our permanent foster placement. Two needy, hurting, loud, boisterous, precious little children have joined our family.

I'm not sure what else to write about it except that its been hard, its been wonderful, its been loud & its been crazy busy - all these rolled up into one with a million emotions attached.

And our little farm continues to tick along.  The milk cow has been all but neglected, but she is ready to go out to the bull anytime (as soon as Dave gets a free second). Her calf is growing beautifully & he has the most amazing coat - the boys have already marked it for their bedroom once he is butchered, which means I am going to have to find someone who can change a calf skin into a rug (?taxidermist?).  As you can see I have no idea about these things.  :)

The new lot of old ewes are here & have been shorn, ready for lambing to begin in July!  Last years lambs are growing big and we are talking about selling the wethers.  Unfortunately we had quite a large loss this summer due to them eating an immature summer weed which causes swelling, blindness & ultimately death. This was very disappointing as last year's drop was only average in size.

 The summer garden was just wonderful this year with the abundance of produce we grew!  I did very little canning though & know I will regret that once the little bit I did manage to do is used up. I did freeze tomatoes knowing that I can then make them into sauce as I have time ( & truthfully, the combinations of an extremely inquisitive toddler & boiling water scares me at the moment).  I still have beetroot to pick & then pickle - as time permits. I have been experimenting roasting it for our weekly roast dinner & it is just delicious that way!  The chillies are still coming strong - possibly 9 bushes of chillies is too many for our family! And now our winter veg are just beginning to appear from the earthy depth and the gardening cycle continues! 

And once again duty calls so I must close here.  Homeschooling is in session today & with our inspection due in August (or earlier as our inspector is very proactive), I am trying to not get too overwhelmed in writing a stage five learning program ( & if you have written one I'd LOVE any advice)!  And even the fact that I have a child who will be in Stage Five next year seems crazy (they just insist on growing up soooo... quickly)!   ;) 

Have a wonderful day friends!

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