An Aussie Christmas...

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Tentatively Jack opened his eyes.  The sound of a kookaburra laughing came from somewhere outside his window indicating that summer storms were likely to roll in later in the day.  As memory came to him, excitement coursed through his body.  He threw of his thin sheets & ran down the stairs.  Today was Christmas Day, one of the most exciting holidays of the year!  As he bounded in the lounge room his eager eyes darted across the room.  There under the Christmas tree was such a pile of presents, it would make any boy smile….

Christmas in Australia arrives on a hot, summers day, yet the excitement of this celebration is not lost on Aussie boys & girls!  ..... Continued here

When my friend Katie Hornor from Paradise Praises asked me to write a post about our Aussie Christmas I hesitantly said 'yes'.  It's been months since I've put pen to paper, so to speak, here & I've certainly lost my writing 'groove'.  Once I got writing, I found my love for it returning.  Oh, if only I have time to really fill out here on my blog what I want to.  Thank you to Katie for this opportunity to share a little about our Australian Christmas! Katie is sharing a giveaway in conjunction with her Christmas Around the World Series which has some awesome prizes!  Giveaway found HERE

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