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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A little while ago I was blessed to win a giveaway that Pioneer Beauty was hosting.

I had entered to win a new fabric covered copy of Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility - with the text taken from the first edition of this book that was originally published in 1811.

I was blown away to actually win it & delighted when the parcel arrived.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy Jane Austen's writing & this book is definitely a treasure that I will keep high on the shelf (well out of the way of little hands) - I can't wait to share it with Ellie once she grows!

What a generous soul Pioneer Beauty is because not only did she send this wonderful book, but because she knew I had children, she also sent a little something for them - some plaster of paris magnets to paint! 
The children were so excited & couldn't wait to begin painting them (which they had to do as we were heading off the next day on holidays & so I put them in a "safe place" which ended up being too safe as I couldn't remember where it was until I cleaned off the top of the filing cabinet the other day & hey- presto there they were).
Each child had fun painting a magnet & then I allowed Eli & Jud to paint the left over two while I was schooling Zai & Ellie - they had so much fun with this activity & felt very special to have this privilege.  

So thank you Pioneer Beauty for your generosity & kindness!
God bless you


Pioneer Beauty said...

Hello Renata,
I am so happy to hear that the package arrived safetly...I was a bit concerned when I realized I lost the tracking information.. : ) but praise the Lord for ansrewed prayers...He truly is the Best tracker there is..isn't He.. : ) I am glad to hear the children enjoyed painting there little gifts...and what a Blessing it was for me to see the Sweet Pictures of them doing so...

I am happy to be out and about again in the blog world and have quite a bit of catching up to do..

Be Blessed Renata..and I look forward to visiting with you again..
In Christ

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Congratulations! The book looks gorgeous....as does the mug o' tea beside it! (It is tea, isn't it?!)

Peta said...

ooh, I love Jane Austen.....
dI emailed you, did you get it? or dis I get the email address wrong..lol..wouldn't surprise me if I did..mine is green 102 (at) bigpond.com if you want to chat...Peta

Frizzy said...

Aw! I love treats like these. Jane Austen ROCKS!

Kath said...

What fun!!!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh my goodness! That book is gorgeous! (I haven't blogged about it cause it's a "no no" in our town but we got chickens and they are all named after Jane Austen characters!)
Your a doll to help me out! Everything is up and running!
Thanks for reading ParisienneFarmgirl.com

Grandma said...

Hello, Well, the darlings all look like a very happy bunch. It was very kind of Pioneer Beauty to send them gifts. Also the book. Dare I let you into a secret (one that could get me cast out of my own home by several of your beloved sisters!).....I have never read a Jane Austen book!! There it's out! I did have a rather deprived childhook when it came to reading material (remember I grew up reading such great literary works as the Aust. Women's Weekly, Woman's Day and New Idea....There, it's out, that's all I read when growing up, but because I loved reading I had to read something! (The quality of journalism and content was a lot better than what it is now, I think. I don't think there was so much celeb gossip). However, I have made up for it in adulthood (okay, except for Jane Austin) - that's why I used to love reading you gals all those books when you were growing up!!
Anyway, now I may be looking for a new home (lol)!!!
Have a wonderful week. Love to all the darlings
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gayle @ Training Olives said...

What a beautiful bunch!
I laughed when I read about your putting them in a "safe place" and then forgetting about where it was. :D I have done that myself a time or two..hahahaha!!
Hope you all are well, friend!

Kimmie said...


How sweet is that. Love your children's gifts all adorned. ;-)

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

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