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Monday, October 28, 2013

We first encountered VocabularySpellingCity early in our homeschooling journey. We have found it to be a wonderful resource which assists in teaching & understanding spelling words.  I had always used the free program, but was delighted when I was given a VocabularySpellingCity Premium Membership for review. 

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VocabularySpellingCity is an interactive online program that assists students in learning their spelling words using a variety of activities centred around the child's word list.  It makes practising spelling fun while ensuring the student thoroughly understands (& knows) their spelling words. VocabularySpellingCity allows the teacher to import their own word lists & give their students a variety of games & activities to assist in their learning these words.  Handwriting practice & printable Worksheets are also available.  
VocabularySpellingCity's Premium Membership gives the teacher many more options to allow optimal understanding & learning by their student.  These include Antonyms, Synonyms, Definitions, Vocabulary tests, Interactive flashcards, Parts of speech & additional spelling games.  The Premium Membership allows the teacher to set individual tasks for the students to complete.  This easily caters to various learning needs & levels.  Each student is given their own login & their progress is recorded.  This allows the teacher to easily track each individual student's achievements giving the student accountability & allowing them to easily identify any areas the student may be having difficulty with. 

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We used VocabularySpellingCity's Premium Membership during the review period as part of our daily spelling activities.  It was used on both the computer & ipad (where I downloaded their free app).  I have always given the children a variety of spelling activities each week to ensure they are learning their words.  Each student is at a different level for spelling ( yes, even our twins) & so it can become a momentous task trying to keep track of their achievements & lists & activities completed.  VocabularySpellingCity has made this so easy for me.  The most time consuming task I had was entering the child's spelling lists into the program & deciding which definition I felt was best for each word.  I was able to do this on my own time & could enter lists weeks before they were required.  After they were entered I would choose a variety of activities that I wished the child to complete before the end of the week ( their due date).  Each child would login to their own account daily & click on their assignments & then worked through the list until they had completed each activity by the end of the week.  This allowed them independence & it gave me the freedom to know they were doing their work without the teaching time new tasks often require.  Once their assigned tasks were completed I allowed them to choose their own activities.  Hang mouse was definitely the favourite around here!  Throughout the week I was able to login into my account & observe the progress of each student.  It also has recorded this progress for future reference (which helps with the required record keeping the Board of Studies are wishing to see).


Spelling is one of those tasks which are arduous on the teacher  and can be boring to the student as it requires the student to revise & revise & revise to learn it.  I appreciated  that I could use our own spelling lists in VocabularySpellingCity & that each child was learning at their own level & enjoying the activities provided.  There is also the ability to import word lists & share word lists within the program.  I did not utilise these features.  I was able to simply enter each child's spelling words.  There was no limit on the spelling words entered for each list which was wonderful as Zai has up to 40 words each week.  
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The tasks provided  in the VocabularySpellingCity Premium Membership cover numerous levels catering for students of all learning abilities.  There are more difficult ones that will challenge older students and there are some very simple tasks that even the newest learner will enjoy. Although my students are all very close in grade level (gr 5 down to 1), there is a marked difference between their abilities.  This depth of variety is one features that we all enjoyed.  
Spelling is a skill we all want our children to excel at.  Tools which make our task easier as homeschooling parents to impart this essential skill are always appreciated.  I have found this to be an excellent resource and we will continue to use it into the future.

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Vocabulary Spelling City is for students from Kindergarten through to Grade 12.  A 12 month VocabularySpellingCity Premium Membership allows access for up to 5 individual students & costs $29.99. For additional students please refer to their website.
 (NOTE: There is currently an end of year special running for Australian & NZ families until the 31st October).  

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