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Friday, November 1, 2013

Sewing is such a joy & delight.  I love to sew & I am enjoying passing on this love to Ellie.  Ellie is a very enthusiastic, brand new sewer.  She has sewed a very few things over the years , but we are still working on her basic sewing skills.  Together we have been enjoying working through the Learn How to Make Doll Clothes Video Course with 8 free Doll Clothes patterns from Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns. Not only do I get to pass on my love of sewing with the assistance of a professional sewing instructor, but Ellie gets to create a product she can enjoy right now with her favourite doll Jubilee!

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Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns has an online Learn how to make Doll Clothes Video Course which teaches you the skills as well as tips & tricks to make gorgeous dolls clothes.  It is recommended for sewers 8 years and older.  Included within the video course is 8 free doll clothes pdf patterns. Rosie's Doll Clothes Pattern's Learn how to Make Doll Clothes Video Course includes over 130 online videos which assume no prior skills.  It includes videos that explain the very basics of sewing from setting up the sewing area, each sewing tool (which is described in detail as well as modelled for you), different fabrics & elastics and some handy tips when using your sewing tools.  The course continues with concise video instruction on pattern preparation & use including some common troubleshooting. The next section shows you how to do the sewing basics such as hems, straight lines &  zigzag.  This is then continued with more advanced sewing skills such as seams, buttons, trims, gathering & many more.   Each video is explained simply & concisely so that the viewer is left with a complete understanding of the skill shown. There is such a broad quantity of content within the course, yet it is all displayed within logical, easy to navigate sections broken up for completion over a recommended 6 weeks. 
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Included in Rosie's Doll Clothes Pattern's Learn how to Make Doll Clothes Video Course  is 8 free doll clothes patterns.  With each pattern is step by step videos that model each step taken to complete the garment.  These are broken into small segments (each garment has approximately 10 videos) which can be watched & then completed. This makes it easy for the newer or the inexperienced sewer to follow along without getting overwhelmed.   The patterns also come with complete written instructions.  These are also easy to follow along with & each step aligns with a video making it simple for a supervisor to follow along where her student is up to.  

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The videos within the course are presented in a relaxed, conversational manner.  Although Rosie is a professional, she has made this course enjoyable & understandable for even the most inexperienced sewer.   These videos are recorded within her own home & the videos are perfectly angled to show every step taken. Although the course's main goal is to have the sewer make doll's clothes, it contains so much instructional content that even if the sewer holds no interest in doll clothes, they would still get value from watching the videos.

Ellie (who is 9) & I have loved using Rosie's Doll Clothes Pattern's Learn how to make doll clothes video course.  We were delighted to find it is an Australian course & so we felt right at home with her accent!  We began by watching the video's recommended under week one.  Ellie did find it too difficult to sit down & watch a lot of them at once as there is a whole lot of  new content  for her to understand.  We watched a few at a time & then chatted about them.  I'm sure an older child may be able to complete this in a quicker manner, but my aim of using this course if for Ellie to understand the sewing & tools, not just be aware of them.  We also had some practice on my sewing machine, although Ellie wasn't very confident to do much sewing by herself just yet.  We are still working through the instructional videos at Ellie's individual pace, but wished to complete a garment for this review.  She chose to complete the underwear as she has been very concerned about her dolly lacking this essential garment.  

Ellie sat down & watched the videos that correlated with this particular garment.  She was able to navigate through them easily & independently.  We printed out the pattern & instructions together & then she cut them out.  She asked for assistance with the fabric & sewing parts ( she is still slightly intimidated by it all, but more practice will change that).  I followed along using the written instructions & she was able to remind me of the next step or of how to do different things which showed me she understood the videos.  She even did most of the sewing of the underpants & was very proud to complete the garment quickly.  Ellie is very enthusiastic to continue working through the course & to complete all the garments

I love this course!  My opinion is that every child should learn how to sew & this course has such quality content that teachers sewing essentials which make it easy to cultivate this skill.  Rosie is very capable of expressing what she is intending to teach in an understandable & simple manner.  I personally believe that anyone who completes this will have a  quality sewing education and the content is easily transferable to other sewing projects. I intend to use this with the boys as well at their own pace, although they may choose alternatives to sew as their garment.

Rosie is currently including an additional doll clothes pattern available until December 24th 2013. 


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