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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Charm is deceptive,
and beauty is fleeting;
but a woman who fears the Lord
is to be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

It's been an unusual winter here at Sunnyside. At least it's been unusual for us, although the old timers say it's the way winter should be.  Icy cold with regular rainfall.  I'm not a big fan of the icy cold, but thankfully with so many poddy lambs, it pushes me to go outside regardless of the weather.  I do think otherwise I would tend to hibernate fireside on those frost encrusted mornings.  I am, however LOVING the rain!  Our big dam which has been low for ever so long is now less than a metre from being completely full.  We are just so thankful for this!

Our children are getting quite proficient with their trampoline tricks.  I love these pictures that they wanted me to take of them.  I remember that, as a young girl, I would wish I could do a flip on the trampoline in mid-air.  I would pretend that my summersaults were really flips. I guess my kiddos don't get their trampoline skills from me.... 

We tried the old ' coloured leaves' experiment for science recently.  I let the children choose whichever colour of food colouring they wished for their particular leaves. Of course they all chose random mixes which all ended up being an ugly brown colour.  And even then, the leaves never changed colour as they were meant to even after waiting for days after it should have worked.  Oh well - I guess that is life.  We can't colour leaves, but we sure can grow poddy lambs ;)

I'm afraid I've turned into rather the coffee snob.  I still drink mine cold - yes, even on the coldest days, yes I know I'm crazy (but hey, many people drink hot coffee on hot days...).  I've always liked nice coffee, but now I have to have nice coffee - you know, those speciality blends that only come from certain shops....."Snob" my husband calls me.... (of course that is only at home - if I'm out I'm thankful for whatever people serve me :)!

The other evening an ominous cloud moved over Sunnyside & with it the rain.  It was amazing to see how quickly it filled the sky from West to East.  I love it when you can see the rain coming & in this case it was so very easily discernible!

I'd best be going as I have a million and one things to do, but surely will not get through even five of them.  Oh well there's always tomorrow...(Lord willing).

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

UnLock Math (Review)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

If you've read here for a length of time, then you know that one of my favourite subjects is Mathematics.  Because of this, I am always eager to learn of new Maths programs which we can add to our homeschool.
We have recently been given the opportunity to try UnLock Pre-Algebra by UnLock Math.  While this is actually for Grade 7/8 students, I was wanted Ellie (Grade 6)  to try it to see if it would suit her particular learning style.  Since we work on a January to December School year, she is so close to being in high school so I felt a little extra 'push' in the maths department would be a great addition to her learning program at this time.
Unlock Math Review
UnLock Math is an online resource for secondary school students.    It comprehensively teaches the children the content of this important subject in an engaging & easy-to-follow way.  It is entirely over the Internet and there is very little requirements on the homeschool parent as everything is included in your subscription. We received a 12 month subscription to their UnLock Pre-Algebra program.
  At the beginning of their Math lesson on UnLock Math, the student logs into their student dashboard. Each student has a unique student number & the parent has the ability to set the password.   The dashboard contains a full list of all the units that the student is required to complete in this particular course. It also shows their average marks as well as their progress. The dashboard also gives users the ability to obtain a Progress Report.  The ability to launch a Gradebook is also available in this section.   

The student must choose which unit they will complete & then they press the rocket icon to 'launch' that particular unit. Once launched, the student will progress to a list of lessons, quizzes and test within that area of study.   I asked Ellie to complete one of these sections daily.
Unlock Math Review
A single lesson is broken into six separate parts.  Each lesson contains the same parts so it is easy for the student to follow. Each part is included to ensure the student obtains a thorough understanding of the content.  It also gives them the ability to reach to their highest potential in this subject area. The parts are:
Warm up: The first section is the warm up. This includes 5 questions of review work. 
Instruction: This is the teaching video by Alesia Blackwood.  The teaching is very succinct & concise. Alesia is very enthusiastic about Maths & this allows her to engage the student.  She teaches the content very thoroughly & Ellie found that she had a clear understanding by the end of the short video. 
Practice Problems: This contains questions on the work the student has just learned. The program is adaptive to ensure the student gets the amount of practice they need.
Stay Sharp: This includes more difficult questions on both the work they've just learned as well as some review work. These questions are interactive & adaptive to ensure the student fully understands their Maths lessons.
Challenge Yourself: This contains one question that requires the student to really think.
Reference Notes: This is a download of notes from this particular lesson.

The quizzes are completed after specific lessons are done.  Each unit ends with a unit test to ascertain how well the student has understood their work.  There is also a mid- & end of course exam included in the course.
Unlock Math Review
Ellie really enjoyed using UnLock Pre-Algebra.  To our surprise, she currently has a 90% average.  As she is younger than the grades specified, I expected she would struggle more than she has.  Ellie commented that she really likes this program because of how it was taught.  She said the videos made the Maths easy to understand. She did find the Challenge Yourself questions difficult though.  I intend for her to continue using this program as it is an good fit for her learning style.
I felt it is an excellent program for making Maths understandable. 

UnLock Math is found at:
Google +

UnLock Math Review

Crew Disclaimer


Friday, July 24, 2015

You know that when it's quiet on the blog, it's busy on the farm.  This lambing season has been the busiest of all so far.  We have been blessed with currently 45 poddy lambs ( I never know when a delivery will occur).  We love our poddy lambs, but they sure are a lot of work and this has kept the children & myself hopping.  Feeding three times a day, giving medication & just generally keeping them in good health is a challenge.  We've got them separated into colour coded groups so we know who needs however much each feed. We use sheep marking paint & reapply it each morning.  Only four lambies are from our own paddocks, with the rest being from a friend's. We do love our poddy lambs though & are enjoying the additional challenge this year with enlarged numbers.

Dave told the children that if they can train a lamb to be milked, that when they deliver their first glass of milk to him, he will pay them $500.  Ellie has taken this very seriously & has a special lamb 'Star' who is fed by Ellie each feeding in the milking stall (it does look a little ridiculous as this is where we milk the cows, but hey...).  I asked if he'd pay me $500 for doing that too, but he refused (seems to think I have more stickability than the children do - I happen to think Ellie will keep to it with dreams of an enlarged bank account).

We are also checking our lambing ewes each day (Dave does the morning & I do the afternoon).  We have been blessed abundantly with a large crop of twins.  There was a little while where we had a run of problems. We've both had to pull some lambs this season (as opposed to last year where I didn't have to pull a single one). There have been good pulls & bad pulls & even bad, bad, bad, horrible, disgusting, never-want-to-think-about-again, but cannot-ever-forget pulls.  It's certainly a learning experience this living on a farm.  Overall though we realise how abundantly blessed we are with this life we have. 

But if it's a little quiet on here ( or anywhere I am on social media - ha, as if I'm on there very much anyway), then it's because I'm spending each day running (literally). 
And now I have a caramel slice to finish & then off to bed!

Blessings Friends

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