Day 25/31 - A garden visit

Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's been almost 12 months since we visited the Digger's Club St Erth Garden, but I still remember vividly the beauty & peacefulness of our visit.  I've been hoping to post about it ever since. While we were in Melbourne last November we took the opportunity of a free afternoon to journey through some of Victoria's prettiest country.  As we were close to this garden & since both myself & the children (who have all grown about a foot since then) all had free entry we decided to have a quick look.  We ended up staying until closing time enjoying the green, lush, beauty that is everywhere!  It was one of the highlights of our long weekend away. 

I was so thankful to find that even the professional gardeners have to cover their vegetable patches in bird netting.  I am not alone in this! I found their combinations of plants very interesting & am entirely jealous of their average rainfall which is over double our own.  Even revisiting the photos (which are not the best quality & I apologise ~ it was before I received my new DSLR camera, but after my old one broke) brings a peacefulness.  I would love to revisit this beautiful part of God's Creation & am looking forward to one day visiting one of her sister gardens.

Have a lovely day friends!

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Day 24/31 - This moment

Friday, October 24, 2014

 I'm joining up again with SouleMama in her Friday ritual of capturing a single moment.  

While I was photographing the flowers last night, I couldn't resist moving the camera slightly & capturing this piece of my heart.  She's growing up so very quickly.  Recently she came and asked if she could take over all the washing of the clothes!  
What an amazing blessing this precious girl is to us!

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Day 23/31 - Monkeys

Thursday, October 23, 2014

We have three monkeys in our family.  
Three who are very confident way up high in trees.  
Three who play games far from the ground, comfortably moving from branch to branch.  
The other one...we'll let's just say he prefers the ground (although some may say he has his head in the clouds rather often...). 

Sometimes it is better for me, as a mother, to not look at the heights they are so comfortably playing at.  
Sometimes it is better to remove the 'what ifs' from my brain.... to not think of the patients I treating in my professional career - a number who fell out of trees.

Though truthfully, my children come by this love of tree climbing quite honestly.
I've climbed my fair share of trees over the years.  
I have vivid memories of getting stuck up our mulberry tree & Mum having to  help me down.  I also remember falling out of our mango tree in a box with my sister (although neither of us remembers the actual fall which is rather strange)!

I truly think that climbing trees is one of the joys of childhood.  I feel sorry for the child who has never been allowed to ascend the branches of a tree, to experience the delight of looking down at the world from a new perspective.

(Although my children found recently that doing their schoolwork up a tree is very uncomfortable.)

Have a lovely day

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Day 22/31 - Snowball

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I found this in draft as I sit here much too late to be pondering on what to post.  These pictures are adorable, the story is worth remembering & I am far past writing anything of any quality tonight ( I expire early around here...).  Enjoy these pictures of this little kitten that has grown up into a reckless, puppy teasing, lovable, mouse catching farm cat!

This is our newest little kitten 'Snowball'.  He arrived here at 5 weeks old & is such a bundle of adorable fur.  He seems to have settled in without too much trouble.  He has four very watchful children forever vying for his attention & affection so he could be in a much worse place.  At the moment he is gracing a sick bed.  Sometimes curling up with a soft, warm kitten is just the thing to help you get better ( or so I'm told).

Moonlight (our other cat) took a little while to adapt so Snowball & there is still some jealousy going on around the farmhouse.  At first I was convinced that Moonlight would eat Snowball as he has no interaction with other cats.  Fortunately he has decided that Snowball is more a fun toy to chase & torment.  Snowball can get away though as he fits beautifully under the lounges that Moonlight cannot get under.  Snowball then torments Moonlight from the safety of his hiding place!

And while at first they seemed to not get along, Moonlight & Snowball are the best of friends now.

(Italics added to original draft today 22 Oct)

Have a wonderful day friends

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Day 21/31 - Adieu

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This morning he came running up to me as he heard me calling the cow.  The panic was strong in his eye and his very demeanour told me that something was dreadfully wrong.  I know in his perspective it certainly was.  He, the lone one now left of the poddy lambs from last year, had been preoccupied with his new friends (this year's poddys) and hadn't seen us cajole his sisters up to the shearing shed yesterday afternoon. He hadn't seen us lead them into the pen and lock the gate.  Later they were loaded into a truck and taken away to a new home.

This year it was particularly hard.  We have never been so attached to our poddy lambs before.  The 2013 group were especially  affectionate & incredibly fond of us.  They always stayed up near the house.  They never joined the flocks of sheep in surrounding paddocks ( in fact we couldn't keep them down there with them & so gave up)!

These were the lambs that allowed the boys to ride on their back, that walked with me to bring the cow up from the paddock for milking, that ran to me each morning to accompany me to the silo as I got Bessy's grain.  These were the ones that taught Bolt that sheep are bigger  & scarier than him & they can hurt him.  Their lack of fear made training this puppy a little bit easier.  I am fairly sure they actually don't know they are sheep!

And so this morning the walk was a little quieter, the farm a little emptier.  
At least we can rest assured that these magnificent lambs ( & they are indeed beauties) will be sold as breeders.  Soon they will be preoccupied with their own babies & not wonder about the strange farm woman who talked to them each morning, who patted them each day, who yelled at them when they got into her garden.... (OK I'm not sure how much thinking sheep actually do)!  :)

As for their wether brother... it won't be long until he's in the freezer...but I don't want to think about that right now.

Have a lovely day friends

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Day 20/31 - Eyes wide open...

Monday, October 20, 2014

It's one thing that I promised myself I would do this year... live with my eyes wide open!

Now, if you know me you might understand why I had to write this goal down.  I'm the kind of person who whirlwinds through life, who makes a plan & puts her heart & soul into making it come to pass.
Sure, my heart is soft & I'm a chronic people pleaser, but by the end of last year I was realising that the very people who mattered most were the ones missing out so I decided way back in January 2014 to live looking at them, being aware of them, focusing on them & not allowing my attention to be distracted by the unimportant.

It's hard, friends, for me to focus.  I'm the mother who has 5 things going at once, the mother who cannot possibly listen to her child reading aloud without a project in hand. While it's helpful to be like that at times, it also means I miss out on so many of the little things.

Last Christmas I was given Ann Voskamp's Devotional Study of 1000 gifts (OK I brought it for myself, but Jud wrapped it which means I was given it ;).  I loved this study with Ann's beautiful phraseology & word pictures, but what I loved even more was the section to journal my own thoughts.  Can you believe that while I've been journaling here for all those years that I've never had a true journal of my own?  I've always admired people who journal, but for me that would once again  mean I had to slow down...and who has time for that?

Yet, it was in this journaling, this taking sometimes only moments to jot down what was on my mind that God allowed healing to begin in my heart.   I've struggled with some aspects of life the past couple of years & trusting God, which was always so easy before, became difficult.  I've felt my faith waiver & my heart break & sometimes the tears would cascade & the children would wonder 'why?' & the very guilt of them knowing that 'Mummy is sad' would press heavy.  So at the start of 2014 I began rather hesitantly to once again count the gifts, the moments, the sounds, the smells, the hugs, the smiles ~ none of which I deserve, but each of which is given to me from a God who cares more than our human hearts can comprehend.

And I made it my goal to look for these things.  In the looking it helped me to realise that God has never abandoned me, that while life isn't perfect & my plans were so very different from how my real life looks, that I am still loved.  By the middle of this year I had surpassed counting the 1000 gifts & yet, I keep on; just a few a day, because I have found that joy comes not in what you possess, but in noticing the little moments.

I hope I will always remember this lesson, will always keep on counting those gifts. I hope I will keep my eyes wide open and not miss those moments, things, people that matter the most!

Have a lovely day friends

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Day 19/31 ~ Sunday Psalms

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The life of mortals is like grass,
    they flourish like a flower of the field;
the wind blows over it and it is gone,
    and its place remembers it no more.

But from everlasting to everlasting
    the Lord’s love is with those who fear him,
    and his righteousness with their children’s children
with those who keep his covenant
    and remember to obey his precepts.

Psalm 103:15-18


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