Out for a ride!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I know most farms have motorbikes, but ours lacks such luxuries! I love to take Zai & Ellie out for a bike ride & we are able to go all over the farm on them - it just means more work for our poor legs! Ellie still gets a lift on the back of mine ( it has a luggage carry-all that she sits on), but Zai can go anywhere, -although after Saturday's ride he declared he was going to drink 39 drinks of water! (39 must be his favourite number as the other day he said he was going to have 39 children...hmmmm hoping that doesn't come to pass!)

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Grandma said...

Hi Zai,
Can't wait til we can come down there and you can show us all over your farm. Hey, are the training wheels off your bike now??? Hope school is lots and lots and lots of fund.
Love you and miss you and Ellie and Elijah and Judah and Mummy and Daddy (and mitzy???) xxxxxxxxxxx

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