Preschool Girl!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Today is our princesses 6th week at preschool (Tuesday's only). It is hard to believe it is going so quickly & school will be next year. I cried the first day she went & I still can't cope with the quiet ( although the twins are starting to fill in that gap). She really loves to go , but always has very dramatic stories to tell of preschool happenings at the day's end. Oh well at least tomorrow's Wednesday & it's a whole week till preschool again - meanwhile I'll just wait here till it's time to get Zai & El off the bus!
Yes this was her bag the first day- twice the size of her!!

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Grandma said...

What a gorgeous big girl!! (Love your bag Ellie - it's so cool!!)
And the twin (Elijah or Judah???) in the background - what a sweety! I hate referring to 'the twin', but when you don't know who is who...what do you do? The Lord must chuckle at us all as we mix up twins....

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