Nita's Baby Update!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nita asked that I keep her up to date on our farm babies!
They are all growing & both Whitey & the sheep are all grazing for a good portion of the day now!!
Lamby poo's leg - we thought was broken so I put on a splint & he's just starting to weightbear on it now -is holding up well. He's starting to put on weight quite quickly now he's better!!
These are the cutest babies of all - my little farm hands (although their favourite animal is the chickens - they love visiting them & looking for eggs)

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The Great Corina said...

I think you should have put the twins in the middle farm cause then it would have been a counting farm - 1 cow, 2 twins and 3 sheep (and you could have left them all in the pen together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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