Sunday School Picnic!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Saturday was our Sunday school picnic!
It was just like the SS picnics I remembered from when I was a child - complete with sack races, a lolly man & lots of FUN, FUN, FUN!!
How could it have been anything but fun when they started by giving out ice blocks (& thankfully it was a lovely warm afternoon!)!!

Zai loved the races - they had a running race,

(Zai chose his own outfit - I'm trying to learn to hold my tongue when he does this as he needs to learn to chose his own style - it's hard when he comes out in long sleeves & shorts - not a combination I would choose, but he was so proud because they were "matching, so I can go faster...")

Egg and spoon races (although it was ping pong balls for the under school age!)

BTW this is Jud!

Parents even had a go - I only dropped my egg 3 times (they were hard boiled)!! - I don't think any were worth keeping for salads - just joking that's disgusting!!! LOL

Sack races - these sacks came up to the littlies armpits (& beyond in some cases) - but when it came to parents, well some of the taller ones they came just past the knees - oh & of course you have to fit them over your hips if you're a bit shorter..... You don't realise how many "jiggly" bits you have until you compete in a sack race!!LOL

Three - legged races - here they were just practising with their partners!

The much anticipated Lolly - man!

Bobbing for apples (although this is truely a disgusting game - you should have seen some of the "lurgies" they were fishing out of there!!)

It is however a good way to get them to eat their fruit!

Heating - country style!!

Overall - a great time was had by everyone!


Mum-me said...

Looks like a fun day! I remember Sunday School Picnics from when I was a little girl - nice to know some churches still have the old-fashioned entertainment!

Frizzy and Bird said...

What a jam packed weekend full of fun activities. I bet everyone was tuckered out. I think I'm coming to your house. It looks like a lot more fun than mine. We house hunted then decided to go home and clean and organize the home we're in. Fun for all I tell ya. ;)

Grandma said...

It all looks like so much fun....Jud certainly looked like he was concentrating hard when doing his 'egg' and spoon race. Glad to see Ellie managed to get her apple out (you'd want to go first in that event wouldn't you???) Glad you all had so much fun Lots of love xzxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saminda said...

What a wonderful sunday of fun!! I love sunday school picnics. Always makes me think of Anne of Green Gables....
The bush in the background of all the photos looks so beautiful. Glad you've found a nice church community out there. Looks like fun!

Heather said...

Good old-fashioned fun!

We had apple bobbing at one of Bee's birthdays, and I had to laugh, because Bee went first, and she quickly figured out that the easiest apple to get hold of was the one with the stem! The little cheater!

Duckygirl said...

That looks like such a fun day!!! I love coming here and reading how we call things differently even though we both speak English. (pre-school vs. under school age for example :) )


Deanna said...

Oh looks like it was bunches of fun!! Such cute pictures you got too...

Bobbie-Jo said...

It looks like so much fun. The sack race picture is very cute. I love Zai's outfit. I hope it did make him go faster!

Jenn H said...

Looks like soooo much fun! Love the comment about Zai and him picking his outfits. I am having the same struggle biting my tongue with the outfits my boys choose some days, LOL!!

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