Three haircuts & three winners!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yesterday afternoon I did the boys haircuts & gave Ellie a trim (haircut 1). I'm getting good at the old clippers (it's actually a bit like shearing using those things - LOL) if I say so myself (no I'm not going to provide photographic proof - let's just say I really couldn't have gotten any worse anyway!)

It was at dinner time that I looked at Ellie and thought " what was I thinking? - her fringe is looking a bit strange there" - so I looked a bit closer - oh no - you guessed it - she'd decided that I hadn't done a good enough job & 'fixed' it herself (haircut 2)! (Why oh why did I leave the scissors down so I could do Dave's when he got home from work???)


Yes I cried - I had always envisioned my beautiful daughter wearing her hair in two plaits on her first day of school (which is coming up at the start of next year) - just like I did on my first day. But now - well I just couldn't see anyway of fixing this mess.

In one of my worst parenting moments I even said " well she's just going to look disgraceful on her first day of school" to Dave - unfortunately Little Miss was within hearing & burst into tears - I apologised & told her how beautiful she is & always will be, but I still feel guilty about hurting her feelings - what a bad mum.

Fortunately I have a wonderful, WONDERFUL friend (yes she sometimes reads my blog), who is also a trained hairdresser. So this morning I gave her an emergency call (I know she doesn't usually do haircuts for other people, so I was actually just after the number of a good hairdresser around) but L in all her wonderfulness said "bring her on over". Thankfully she was able to create some order to her 'hairstyle' (haircut 3)!

So this afternoon Ellie looks a million times better - & I gave her the distinct privilege to draw the winners for my pay- it - forward giveaway ( I know Zai was meant to on the weekend, but I just was just too disorganised).

So the three winners are( drum-roll please: rat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat):

Frizzy from Heaven's Gift
Saminda from Ferns by the fireside
Aunty Sel

So if these lovely ladies could please email me with their details, I've enjoyed shopping for their pressies this afternoon!


Grandma said...

She looks so you're not a bad mum, we all say things we shouldn't (Nity still goes on about the b---- word - even though I didn't call her it!) Anyway, haircut no 3 looks pretty good. Lots of love to all - Tell Elly we love her haircut and that she looks very beautiful.. Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saminda said...

Oh my goodness, what a day for you!! You poor thing. Well, Ellie looks beautiful, as you say. I actually love her new haircut! What a cutie. Saraya has a new haircut too. :)

thankyou thankyou thankyou!! I am so excited, I never win anything! I will look forward to the mail every day until it arrives. :) And I will enjoy getting to "pay it forward" on my blog too! Thanks Renata.

Mummy McTavish said...

I may have just commented but it froze and chucked a poo. So here I go again...
Congrats to the winners!
SHe looks so cute with that little smile on her face. She might just have wee little plaits on her first day :)

Cheryl Lage said...

What an adorable little imp she is! Look at that glee on that face! Darling! :)

Frizzy and Bird said...

I'm doing a happy dance over here! I feel like I won a huge jackpot. Thank you both. I can't wait to see your treats and to pay it forward too.

Heather said...

That little Ellie is the cutest thing! I love her expressions, and her new haircut is darling!

When my brother was 3, he cut off a big chunk of his bangs right at the scalp. My mom was beside herself! The only thing they could do was shave his head, and wait for his hair to grow back.

Kylie said...

"Ellie, I like your hair. I have a headband too. I miss you." Love sarah.

Kate said...

Oh Nata.... :( Do you know how many times I've said things I shouldn't and have turned round to see one of the kids standing in the doorway? It does make your heart fall out of your chest with guilt, but I can guarantee you it does not for an instant change anything. It's good for them to know mummy and daddy make mistakes..and even better for them to know how we fix it by apologising. She is gorgeous and plaits or not she is going to be adorable on her first day.
I have the plait image too for Cassidy but ubless there's some miracle of hair growth in the next year, she still won't have enough hair to make plaits!!

Sandra said...

Ellie looks beautiful and between now and late January there can be alot of hair growing. But like Kate says she's beautiful with her hair gone or long. I admire her for giving it a go cutting her hair. She was copying her mummy!
And I admire you for cutting everyone's hair. I did Rowan's hair when he was little but too traumatised to do it again. So good on you.

Aunty Sel said...

I luv winning things, so thanks a heap narn.
Ellie is gorgous (as are the boys of course),
Aunty Sel

jazzy cat said...

I agree with Saminda - I really like Ellie's hair that way!! She looks great with the headband and those dimples! Reminds me of primary school when I couldn't part with my pink headband (and that was grade 6!). The upside of short hair too is the breeze during summer!!

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