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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Debi has tagged me for a meme about what I value & what I don't value. I've been giving this a lot of thought since she tagged me on Saturday. I don't think I've ever really thought about my values before. I mean obviously I value different things, but I've never really put them into words.


1. My relationship with God - this is without a doubt the most important thing in my life. I could not live without Him. I am so blessed that I was taught about God from an early age. That He is real to me & not a 'far away being who judges all I do'. That He has worked in my heart & life through the ups & downs. He has held me in His hand through the roughest times in my life. I eagerly anticipate my daily devotional times - these are my times of renewing & strengthening.

2. My beautiful family - My hubby & children are so important to me. I love Dave more than I can possibly say. I do not know why I have been so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who not only loves me & our children, but loves God so passionately as well. Zai, Ellie, Eli & Jud - each child is a special gift that I treasure.

3. My parents & sisters - My mum is such an important person in my life. She is my voice of reason, my sounding board, my mentor & an amazing role-model. Throughout the time of dad's brain hemorrhage & recovery Mum modelled to me what a true Christian does & how a loving wife acts. Her deep faith in God allowed her to minister to others - even when we didn't know if we would lose Dad that day. Mum prayed with & supported so many families in the ICU waiting room - even through her own pain. Mum spent every day of the many months up at the hospital - even when she was so exhausted and we all told her to stay at home. When dad was going through times of no short term memory, she would endeavour to be up there almost constantly so he didn't feel alone or abandoned - even though he didn't know from one 10 mins to the next.

My dad is also an amazing role-model to me. He not only is pushing himself to recover completely from his BH, but he is tells everyone how good God has been to him. He is using what could have been a devastating blow in his life for good.

My four sisters are my closest friends, they know me so well. Even though they love to tease me - I know that we would do anything for each other.

4. Being a stay-at-home mum - this is something I have always wanted to do, yet I know in this day & age what a blessing it is. I love being at home with my children, even on the craziest days I still know how blessed I am.

5. Creation - anyone who's read my blog for a while knows how much I love all the beautiful creation surrounding me. The animals, the plants, the scenery. Just beautiful!

As I considered my values I actually came up with something that I value much too much, that I shouldn't. This is people's opinion of me. I always want everyone to like me. This is something I have battled with from childhood, it was a struggle through those "catty" early teen years and sadly I still struggle with it today. I know you can't please everyone & that as Christians we will be despised for Christ's sake, yet I still try to please everyone.


1. Gossip - I really hate it when I find myself listening carefully as I hear some "juicy piece of gossip" - or "prayer points" as good Christian ladies call it. I know that gossip is a sin & it's one that I'm working on eliminating from my life. I find it so easy in some circumstances to be pulled into gossiping or listening to gossip, yet I also know firsthand the pain that gossip causes.

2. Excessive spending - I know that I'm careful with money (OK, I know I'm tight), but that is why I can be a stay - at - home mum! I don't like excessive spending & I'm not impressed when people spend without reason.

3. Brand name clothes - I guess this is connected to number 2. But truly I don't really know what brand names are out there, so unless I know something is much better quality, I won't buy it for it's brand.

4. Dishonesty - I get so hurt when people lie to me or are dishonest in any way. I find it hard even to talk to them again, because I don't know if I can trust anything about them.

Since this post has taken me such a long time to type, let me leave it with you, if you want to be challenged about your values, then consider yourself tagged.


BoufMom9 said...

I knew I could count on you to truly put your heart & faith into your answers.
Thank you for your wonderfully honest answers!
I never knew all that about your mum & dad. So very similar to what my parents went through with my dad's stroke.
Why oh why do many oceans separate us????

Peta G said...

I too cannot abide a liar. I have a family member who lies constantly to everyone about everything and it has caused alot of pain to other family members.
I do not by brand names either, I dont see the need to have these things when cheaper is just as good most of the time. Also the excessive spending (maybe I should just say I dont value the same things as you then.)
And my values are very similar to yours aswell.
How are the crops going? We are supposed to get rain tomorow I hope you get some to.

Grannysaurus said...

Hi Renata,
Your blog made me think about what I don't value. I agree with yours, but I would add cowardice - the sort of thing that makes powerful people (or gangs) pick on smaller, younger or weaker people. It really makes me angry when I see things like this.
On a brighter note - Thanks for the comment you left on my blog:-) I'm also known to a few family members as Princess Godbotherer and Father Ted from the time I was a chaplain. I could have used those names now that I think about it.

Deanna said...

Oh wow Renata....what an AMAZING post!!! I'm so glad you did it!!!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Great heartfelt post. Enjoyed reading it.

grammy said...

Hi, Came over to visit from haf dozen reasons. You have a great blog and cute kids. I have four granddaughters all in one family. Fun to here about your country life.

Mum-me said...

I enjoyed reading about your values, and not surprised to find they are similar to mine. I've just posted my values meme. It was hard to narrow it down. I also discovered things about myself that need working on, although I didn't include them in my post. It was a good exercise.

Saminda said...

Renata, this was beautiful. It's really been food for thought for me, and I'll consider myself tagged when I get my head organised to post on that one! :)

Aunty Sel said...

Hey Narn,
luvely post, I value you too :-)
sometimes its hard being so far away..
have fun, look after the littlies,
PS Brand names are good if you get them on sale.....(or are given Dior lipgloss)

Martha said...

Wonderful values!!! I say "Ditto" on pretty much all of them.

(As you can see, I'm discovering this blog way after you posted any of these things - but it's still a great read!) :)

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