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Monday, December 8, 2008

The first weekend in December is when we decorate our home for Christmas. It was so much fun doing this with Zai & Ellie. (Dave manned the camera & then put the star on top of the tree when it was done!) We chose to decorate while the twins were sleeping & it was great seeing their faces & excitement when they woke up & saw the transformation!

Here is my beautiful (although dirty) daughter with me. I love Christmas & am known to break our Christmas carol "rule" of only playing from November onward each & every year!! I do find it so emotional remembering past Christmases - guess this one will be extra hard being away from our families - we love all of you guys & wish you could all be here with us!

Although our tree looks far from Home beautiful quality - it's nice because we did it together!

The baubles were given to me for my first Christmas by one of my aunties! So this is their 29th Christmas - mum & dad always put them up each year when I was a child!

(How's that for an 80's kitchen - don't you just "love" the arches!!??!!) One day I'll share our very trendy house - if only it was still the 80's!! LOL

We even decorated our letterbox!!!

Hope you enjoy your families as you prepare to celebrate our Saviour's birth!


Peta G said...

you think your house is 80's. Well our house is the 70's. You should see the tiles in our upstairs
I love christmas and the happiness it brings to others dont you.?
Spending time with family and friends is a regular occurance for us, but at Christmas time it's just that little bit more..special..isnt it?
Sorry your family is so far away from you. Luckily you have the internet to keep in contact and share special moments. Merry Christmas to you and your family..

Grannysaurus said...

Hi Renata,
I've given you a Kreative Blogger award. You can check it out on by blog.
We always had a very small and messy looking Christmas tree when the children were children, but they loved doing it themselves and I didn't want to be a wet blanket and change anything.

Mum-me said...

We have the same tradition - 1st Saturday in December is for putting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house.

Your decorating looks lovely. All the more special because the children helped.

Aunt C said...

Wow-decorating the christmas tree is soooooooooo much fun (we still beat you - ours was up on 27 Nov!!!!!!1
Did Dav enjoy the 5 christmas CDs I sent you (they had as much on as I could put on them)!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a happy christmas so far!!!!!

BTW-have any more of the baubles been broken yet this year??? (you should try not to forget that tradition!!!!!!!)

Aunty Sel said...

Hey Narn, Dav and little chickens,
Merry Christmas!!!
Your home looks beautiful, good job Zai and Ellie!!
Nita and I went to a big Christmas Carol's on Saturday and got rained on, but we loved singing all the songs.
Luv to you all,
Aunty Sel.

Saminda said...

I love your tree and all the decorations, hooray!!! Yes, it is so much fun doing it with your children. I think that photo of the baubles over your kitchen is beautiful! And how special that you've had them your whole life.

I LOVE the photo of Ellie by the letterbox. We'd love to come visit you guys down there someday in beautiful outback Australia! :)

Mummy McTavish said...

I love the grubby shirt look, I figure photos are for capturing what is actually happening, and clean shirts NEVER happen in our house.
I love the christmas tree! Ours gets decorated chaos-themed from about 1m down, the top half is done wannabe-home-beautiful. As the kids grow the balance will shift but I do prefer their half, it's so much more fun to find where they hid the ornaments.

The Miles Family said...

I LOVE that you guys are wearing tank tops and short sleeves in December!!! It's freezing here, but your pictures remind me of all the years I lived at home with my parents in Florida and we would decorate the house in shorts and flip flops!! :)

Heather said...

So pretty! I actually like the arches in your kitchen.

Our hall bathroom is still very 70s, but I've kind of gotten used to the pink sink and toilet. When I walk in, it's like a flashback to childhood!

Not that I won't be remodeling it as soon as time and money allow...

Brandi said...

Who needs Home Beautiful when you have memories that'll last MUCH longer! Love that you took the pic of her dirty and all.

Cassandra-ann said...

I love hte tree decorating pictures, and the tinsel on your letter box!
And i think your kitchen arches are way cool too ;-)

NITA said...

Yay, Christmas decos make me so happy!!!
The pic of you and Ellie is so cute. Is David enjoying your new Christmas CDs???
Wow, 29 years old hey... ;)
love you all lots and lots and lots etc
Princess Nita xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

BoufMom9 said...

How wonderfully festive!!!! The house looks fantastic and everyone looks so happy :)

I am the same way and just LOVE Christmas and get so emotional when I think on the past ones.

Grandma said...

Hi - the decos all look lovely as do the people in them!!!! Hey, you get to have two Christmases this there and one in the beautiful sub-tropics - where it's very very green due to all the rain and storms. It's good sometimes to have Christmas with your own nucleur family, rather than having to juggle the day between all the rellies...however, the Aunties think we have to get two turkey breasts, hams, pork etc - one on Christmas day and the other when you come for Christmas....what about chocolate balls - do we have to have doubles of them too???????????? Lots and lots of love to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (be careful if you start too many traditions - as they get older you have to stick to them pharasaically!!! The aunties will not allow us to change how we do Christmas - we are allowed to add some new dishes, but not to take any away!!!!! You have been warned....Gen Y are very traditional......mind you, the darlings won't be Gen Y, will they???? Love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

BoufMom9 said...
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Bobbie-Jo said...

You all did a fine job!

We spent Christmas in Arizona once when I was young. It was strange swimming outdoors on Christmas Day, but I guess that's how most of the world does it, eh?

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Lovely! I love decorating for Christmas too. I havent even started yet! We still have all the fall decor up! I need to stay home and finish baking cookies, huh?

Kimmie said...

Hi Renata;

Love how you celebrate and that you hold on to things given to you, that is so sweet.

Can't believe that you can wear tank tops for we are bundled up to the eyebrows...quite cold today. The puddles in the driveway are ice and my poor husband now has three broken cars to fix. (yes they all are needs to be sold, but our oldest was learning to drive on it.)

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