One year a country gal!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

On January 11th we celebrated one year at Sunnyside! (Of course I should have done this post then, but a week late isn't too bad!! LOL - just enjoying the holidays with the kids!) We have loved living out here, although we've certainly had to get used to a completely new lifestyle!!

So what are three quirks & perks (in no particular order ( I'm limiting myself as it's late & I'm tired, but I haven't blogged for ages!! - I miss my bloggy world!)).

* I would say the most difficult thing to get used to was the lack of support network here. I found the first 8 months incredibly difficult - with the twins especially. It's only as I get to know the people better I feel I have a support network of sorts again ( of course nothing's going to match 2 sets of grandparents & numerous aunties all within walking distance!)

* Living in a small community definitely has it's quirks & it takes a lot to get used to. Everyone knowing (or think they know) your business certainly makes it challenging at times. The gossip vine is the only thing that grows out of control down here summer & winter!!(LOL - just joking!!) For example: apparently someone decided that Zai had a peanut allergy & so the school had signs up the the canteen about it (he has no allergies) but it was when I was at a ladies day with some women from our church that it was bought up (this was months after we had moved) . It wasn't even a lady associated with the school who first bought it to my attention!!! - where that started - I don't know!
This was taken when we decorated a gingerbread house for Christmas!

* DUST, DUST, DUST - OK this is me whinging, but it's summer here & that means all the ground cover dies & I am constantly loosing the battle with dust- oh & we have white tiles in the kitchen/dining & family rooms (enough said)!!
This was a dust storm coming across - we've had a couple of those & they ARE NOT fun!!!

* The lifestyle - once you get used to this way of life, it would be difficult to go back!! I love this little patch of earth we call home! It sure is beautiful (dust & all!!LOL) I also love the fact we can do so much together as a family here - without so many outside distractions!
* My animals - of course you all know how much I love caring for my animals (yes even the kittens - although I'm slightly concerned because I've only seen one around today - one had an unfortunate accident involving an inquisitive two year old testing the effects of gravity on a rock & the kitten getting underneath the experiment yesterday evening - I saw both kittens this morning, but haven't seen one since!(yes he was punished).).

* Our church - it's been wonderful belonging to such an open & welcoming church. It's been the place where we quickly found acceptance. We are an active part of the church family & we've made many good friends through it!

So since it's now late, I'm going to sign off for the night!

Hope my second year here is a bit less hectic & a bit more wet!!!(yes, we'd love rain again - what a contrast to north Queensland!!)


Grannysaurus said...

Congratulations on this 1st anniversary Renata. I wish we could send you some rain. The ground is so wet here that a bit of wind now and trees all over town will just fall over. It's happened before. Your photos are great. I'll never complain about our dust again.

Cassandra-ann said...

Happy 1 year anniversary !

Mummy McTavish said...

You're looking like a country girl too!
6 months in Bundy during burn season brought so much cane dust-"black snow" -I just couldnt believe it! It gets everywhere. I know how horrible it is when the wind whips up the dust from the padocks behind us, you walk outside and get dusty yourself. Hope it gets rained on soon to settle it down! I'd send you ours if I knew how, our ground is going sour and smelly.

I love the photo of the boys with the big tree!

Bobbie-Jo said...

What a balanced look at a lovely place to be!

Congratulations on making a year!

Heather said...

Renata, those pictures are beautiful. I especially love the one of the twins peering into the tree. CUTE!

I hope the kitty is OK...

Mum-me said...

A whole year! Congratulations! I hope you got that good, soaking rain that we had yesterday. What a relief!

Skipper said...
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Grandma said...

Great to read about your first've done very, very well,as have all the lovely ones...You better hope some of your farming friends don't read about your wanting more rain (lol)(or is it okay to want rain now?????)(lol!!!!)
Lots of love
Miss you allxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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