Renovation rescue!! (well one day it will be rescued !)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

As I have mentioned in other posts, our house is the ultimate late 70's early 80's dream - unfortunately that means it is dreadfully outdated now. Although we have plans on redoing a lot of the "cosmetics" we have done very little - due to the lack of time & money.

One of the ugliest features of the house were some arches in the kitchen. I'm sure they are memorable to everyone who's visited out place. I really didn't like these & on the first day we moved in I really tried hard to push them over - but to no avail.
You can see them to the left in this pic from Christmas!

Well on Sunday night (yep a year later) I mentioned to Dave how much I don't like them (maybe I should work on communication!!) & so he decided to give them a really good push. As mouse poo & plaster rained down on our heads & all over the kitchen (& there was a dead mouse up there - YUCK!) we realised that we had no choice but to remove these ugly arches now (YAY!!!!!)
A couple of hours later & the removal of a cupboard as well & the kitchen looks a lot better - still very outdated, but definitely more functional & much more open!

Now I get to shop around for paint colours when I go to town this week!!!!

Little by little the house is becoming more "ours"!


Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

WOW! That looks so open now! Love it! Enjoy your new space!!!

Heather said...

I know you're excited to see things take shape!

Mummy McTavish said...

Ahhh, a dead mouse!!!!

The rest, however, is VERY EXCITING! Just removing those and a lick of new paint will make it feel more like yours and less like you are living in someone else's late 70's dream.

Peta said...

wow that looks heaps bigger now. What a difference one simple change can make.

Kath said...

That is amazing how much more open it looks without the arches! And the amount of counter space you have......

Mum-me said...

It does look bigger and brighter. Have fun choosing paint!

Duckygirl said...

It's so much fun to get to change things isn't it? It's looking great so far, can't wait to see what colors you choose. :) Oh, and have you considered adding knobs to the cabinets? We did that in one of our houses and it made a wonderful difference!


Heather said...

It does look much more open now, and I'm soooo jealous of your counter space. You have tons!

Deanna said...

MUCH better without the arches...i do agree!!!

One step at a time....!!!!

Grandma said...

Good to see your renovations! Hope the painting goes well for you...That's going to be a fun task with your little helpers! Do you have any other secret mouse graveyards?????????? Makes you wonder how they even get up there doesn't it? Love to you all Mumxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cassandra-ann said...

Isnt it amazing how much more open and bigger it looks! I cant wait to see what else you do :-)

Ps i answered you questions about h/s registration on my blog, let me know if you want to know anything else

Cassandra xx

Aunty Sel said...

Hey Narn,
It really looks bigger doesn't it. Good job Dav, your like superman!!!
Have been meaning to call you cos it feels like ages since we've talked,

Grannysaurus said...

Only one dead mouse is good. When we replaced gyprock in our living room, dining room and bathroom, I think we finally counted about 24 rat skeletons. The first find was the most startling, then after a while it got very ho hum. I agree those arches would have driven me nuts.

Saminda said...

Hooray!!! Little things like this really make life wonderful, don't they?! (even with a dead mouse:))

It's so nice to get those little jobs done. It's so hard with lack of time and money- we're the same. I'm very lucky that our current house was basically "done" when we bought it. Mostly work in the gardens and guest house left. All fun!

Tan said...

Hooray for arch distruction. It really does look so much better and open. Give yourself time and your house will become a beautiful home. It takes forever - this is what I keep reminding myself too lol.
Love you heaps, missing you
Tan xxx

BoufMom9 said...

Amazing how open it looks now! Funny it made that big of a difference.
Very nice :)

ps What would a farm be without a little mouse poop in the kitchen. LOL

Kimmie said...

Kuddos for the great job you guys have done. I looks huge in the picture....what color are you thinking?

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Bobbie-Jo said...

It looks clean and fresh now. A coat of paint will make it even better! I know how you feel about making a house "yours."

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