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Friday, March 27, 2009


(It is very hard to get a picture of a sprinkler going...this was the best I got!!)

In the last couple of weeks we've been working to put in a pipeline for water from one of our dams to our garden. This dam is located up on the tree'd ridge, & since we don't generally put stock up there the water is just going to waste!

(The dam is located about 20 meters behind that shed you can see in the distance!)

To dig the ditch we used our neighbours "ripper" attachment on the back of our tractor - digging by hand would be impossible - the soil is very hard up here on the iron bark ridge where the house is located & it's a couple hundred metres to the dam, so it would have definitely taken more time than we wanted to spend! Once the ditch was dug, we realised that we needed it deeper for the bit under the roadway - this needs to be able to have stock trucks drive over without wrecking the piping... so I got on the tractor & Dave jumped onto the ripper to add some weight & we re dug the roadway section...just don't tell any O, H & S inspectors!!! LOL!!!!

It is so fantastic to have water to our garden, which means that finally we should be able to have some green grass for next summer (something that is impossible here without regular watering & you can't regularly water with just tank water connected!)

The original owners who built the house did have water piped up to the garden from the big house dam.... but this is how it looks now....

& we can't see it being filled up really quickly (although we'd love it if it did!!!) - we have heard that during their time on the farm the dam was often full & they would stock it with fish!! - that's something to look forward to seeing... one day!!

But for now I'm happy...just need to decide what I'm going to plant in this "pretty" section of garden! (I'm hoping the school has another flower drive very soon!! HINT HINT to Mr P&C president !!! LOL)
And here's a random photo I took of the cows as I walked down to the dam... they sure are growing.. Whitey is the one on the left - still my baby though!


Aunty Sel said...

Hey Narn,
Beautiful water...I didn't get to the Coast, but did go over to R for a coffee. Great to talk to you.
Have a happy day,

Grandma said...

Well you guys have certainly been busy!!! I remember my Aunty Betty & Uncle Sid having lawn in their 'front yard'. The rest of the yard and all their property was red bulldust...the green was so nice. Hope you have better success with gardens this year (ie hope the chooks don't think things are there especially for them.) I loved my paddle on the river this morning...it was so nice, though I suspect I may have a couple of tender muscles tomorrow. Whitey & all the herd are getting big now!Was great to talk & have a lovely hello from Eli & Jud...love you all.
Lots of love Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cassandra-ann said...

Yay on the water! I remember when i first went to see my future husband on his sheep station, me being the 'city girl' didnt even realise you didnt just turn on the tap to get water LOL,
I love your cows! Ours are all brown or black, yours are much prettier ;-)

Mum-me said...

I hope you have a lovely green lawn and a pretty garden very soon. (Do you have a Freecycle network where you live? That's a good place to ask for cuttings and seedlings to help you get started.)

Cassandra-ann said...

Hey Renata, The link for making bows is on my blog , its under my blog list but i'll post it here for you too

Have fun!
And thanks for taking the time to leave me so many wonderful comments, i truly appreciate you taking the time
Cassandra xx

Saminda said...

Hooray!! You guys are working so hard down there! It looks so great. :) Hoping you get some green grass- I know you've been missing it Renata! Oh, and thanks for your sweet encouraging comment on my blog this morning. :)

Mrs. Trixi said...

Your garden looks great and oh, having your own water on your own land is a blessing. We have to use county water and pay for it.

BoufMom9 said...

How very exciting! I am so glad you have water running through there now!
I am sure that was some serious hard, back-breaking work too.
Well done!

Mummy McTavish said...

YAY for water! I hope you get some lovely green grass and some pretty plants. What a lot of hard work that looks!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Do your fields have irrigation off this dam also?
Looks like that was alot of hard work putting in the water line to the garden!! whew!

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