Pampered princess!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Saturday our neighbour invited me to a "ladies pamper day". Now I wasn't sure what to expect & seriously held very little expectations for the day - I mean a day away from the excessively large amount of housework I should have been catching up on sounded wonderful enough - just sitting there without thinking " I had better go & put the washing in the machine/hang the washing on the line/clean the bathroom/clean the bedrooms/wash that child's face/clean the bathroom again..(why do twins usually defecate within half an hour of each other & being typical 3 year olds they can smear "matter' anywhere - even on the toilet button this morning??) etc..or keeping a constant head count "1,2,3...where is number 4? Honey can you see him (inevitably a him)? Oh there he is eating that poor ladies cake.."Stop that right now darling"" -you get the picture!

Anyway my neighbour came & picked me up at 5:45am (yes you read that correctly) & we were off. We stopped to pick up her daughter-in-law an hour away & then we drove almost to the Victorian border for this day (took about 2 1/2 hrs).

As I said I didn't know what to expect having been only asked through word of mouth, but was pleasantly surprised when we arrived to be given a "pamper bag" - a bag full of samples - but these weren't small samples, these were full-sized bottles of the product - Pantiene/Avon/L'Oriel etc (each bag was different).

The day was completely free & nothing was for sale...except this little stand of earrings that one of the hairdressers had - well you know me & pretty earrings -they were only $5 - I couldn't resist - but I did buy just one pair ( & trust me it was hard to decide) & I didn't have any green ones before & I just bought a green shirt last month (for $4) that matches perfectly with these!!!
**Aunty C - you'll understand perfectly!!**

There was a few speakers & a fantastic choir & after a delicious lunch onto the pampering... I had my fringe cut (some were getting haircuts, but I like my hair this length at the moment), had my eyebrows waxed, had a manicure, had my makeup done & made a bead ornament for my handbag!!! (I didn't have a pedicure, massage or talk to a counsellor, psychologist or women's health nurse - which were also options (I just ran out of time))

I also won a lucky door prize!!!!!

All in all I left feeling just like a princess!
Needless to say I was exhausted by the time we arrived home that night, but was greeted at the door with 4 children hugging me at once & a yummy pepper steak dinner - my favourite!

Definitely the best part to a wonderful day!!

Dave tried to take my pic the next morning as I had a sample of make-up on that he said was "sparkling" - you couldn't see the sparkle, but this is me anyway!
And a big Happy Winter to all the Southern Hemisphere dwellers
- our came in rainy!


Grandma said...

So glad that you had a lovely day. This picture's definitely a lot more flattering than your 'tractor' look - but we all love ya whatever you look like!!!! It was a lovely idea of the organizers, having such a full pamper day. Was happy to hear that your neighbour had a chance to go & be pampered too.
Lots of love to you all

aunty c (but not yours, cause i am a bit you, well in fact, really young, especially when compared to you!!!!) said...

wow, that sounds like soooooooo much fun - though i think the pedicure should have taken precendence, or you can wait till you visit at some time and i can get at you with some stuff i am hoping to buy (think very big and strong clippers, specifically for podiatrists). Anyway its great that you had a really good day :) (even if it is an unearthly hour). Just one thing - ONLY 1 PAIR of earrings, i mean, those a really nice earrings and at that price, you could have justified at least another 2 pairs (I think even the cheap jewellery stores are about $15 dollars). But it is great that you now have earrings to match your new shirt!!!!!!!!!!

miss you heaps

Mum-me said...

Sounds wonderful - I would have driven almost to the border for something like this too!

We haven't had any rain, it's been teasing us for a while now but nothing more than a sprinkle.

Saminda said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!! You look absolutely beautiful - I love your hair like that! :) Glad you got a chance to be 'pampered', we all need that- and yes, often the best bit for me too is coming home again. :)

Heather said...

That sounds wonderful!

How come we don't have stuff like that here? Well we do, but there's always a sales pitch involved, because well...this is America. Everyone's a capitalist.

You look so pretty!

Princess Aunty Sel (not your aunty either...just the aunty of those four little cutie pies).... said...

Hey Narn,
Glad you had so much fun. Sounds like a really wonderful day. You do look like a beautiful princess.
Have fun, talk to you soon,

Sandra said...

You look as beautiful as always Renata. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day full of some many special things!
And did I hear you correctly? Did you say you got some rain? Hooray!
I like your new look to the blog. Mine's a bit greener than yours, I would have preferred a more muted version like yours, but oh well.
I made my header in photoshop elements because I couldn't figure out how everyone else had done theirs from the options blogger gives you. I like photoshop but it can be a big time waster getting the hang of it.
And I was aware I'd forgotten King Brett, but I was doing the header on the fly to see if I liked it. Next time I will work a way to incorporate all the royal family.
Have fun at school.

Bobbie-Jo said...

What a lovely day. You look gorgeous!

Cassandra-ann said...

You look so pretty :-)
What a great day, I wish someone would come and take me away for a day of pampering :-)

Thanks for adding me to your blog list, i was beginning to think you just didnt like me LOL ;-)

Cassandra xx

Aunty Elysia (also not your aunty, just your favourite sister)... said...

Aw how exciting.. you look soooo pretty! Dave should have taken you out on a date..

Well when you are up here next, we'll all have to get dressed up and have a girls night out!

Love EJ xoxox

More than Survival said...

How fun!!!! That sounds like just the thing a lady needs every now and then!!!!

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