Snow capers!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thanks for all those great suggestions in the last post. As Mum-me pointed out, I probably shouldn't blame the wattle as it's flowers weren't opened up until late last month - I guess there's most likely something else around causing this reaction.

Last weekend we went to the snow!!!! YAY!!!

Jud decided that climbing the pile of snow at the end of the taboggan run was fun!!

Now for those of you who live in a place where it snows it probably doesn't sound all that exciting, but here in Australia there isn't a lot of snow to be found, so generally people make the treck up the mountains to the snowfields (it's about 3 hrs from here to the Selwyn snowfield). We went with some people from church & it was wonderful. Just seeing the snow is beautiful in itself - sadly I didn't take my big camera out in the snow, but only had our old snap happy - very dodgy one (that I couldn't tell when it had & hadn't taken a photo, so I have some really unusual pictures in the bunch) - there was so much I would have loved to photograph, but when you're juggling 3 children & 2 taboggans all day, well some things just get left not done!

Eli -note the one glove on & one off look!!

Dave & Zai both had lessons & poor little Zai having just turned 7 (Oh, I'd better get that birthday post done) was put into a group with 7 to 16 year olds - he was the littlest one there, but he did manage to get down the slope once. He was very proud to show me his technique after the lesson - I think he would have benefited from another couple of days there. Dave was described as "crazy" on skis (by his mate that was skiing with him) - yes, I would believe this - I'm the sensible (insert boring) one of the family - LOL!!!

Ellie did have a couple of rides on the snow tubes (I also had one!!!!) as a lady came & gave me a ticket because her son had had enough rides - there was 3 rides left - what a lovely gift! - this is Ellie being towed back up the hill!

Ellie was on the toboggans nearly the whole time - how she wasn't tired from walking up that hill so many times, I don't know, but she managed to keep sparkling til bedtime (all the boys had a sleep on the bus on the way down the mountain to where we were staying). Ellie also managed to make a friend ( a big girl of course - to look after her!!!) I wish I had her gift of making friends so easily - I'm much more shy than she is.

A random photo by the camera - don't they just look so happy - not!!!

Eli & Jud didn't like wearing their gloves & subsequently complained after a while of being cold - so we had a sit down before they took off again down the toboggan slope - they are actually quite scary as they have no control over direction, & were so little - thankfully people just got out of their way!

Zai as we began to see snow out of the bus window - I think I'll always get a thrill - it's just so breathtakingly beautiful!

Poor little Zai became a "lost child" during the day - something I'd never thought would ever happen to one of my children - he had gone off with Dave to ski, but decided he didn't want to when he got to the top of the slope, so Dave told him to go to the toboggan area & find me - unfortunately I'd taken the 3 younger ones for a snack in the chalet so he couldn't find me (which I had told Dave about as I needed his wallet with the money in - he must be forgetful in his old age - LOL) Thankfully a lovely lady took him to the info desk (the funny thing is we probably were only 10 m away, around a corner).
Anyway after a while we headed back to the toboggan area to find Zai being escorted around by one of the workers looking for me.

Eli towing a toboggan is right in the middle of the picture!

One of the biggest things I noticed was how multicultural it was up there - I guess here it's rare to see anyone who isn't an Aussie, but I could have easily pointed out people from many different countries. I think we were the minority.

All in all we had a great time!!! Definitely something to do again- although next time it's my turn to ski!


Mum-me said...

Oh I really want to go back now after seeing your photos! I thought that first photo looked like the 'stopping pile' of snow at the end of Selwyn's toboggan run. It's a great place for families - Thredbo and Perisher are much more expensive and more for DINKS couples (in my opinion of course.)

The toboggan run is crazy isn't it? I too was amazed at how the kids would just run up and down that hill all day long!

Sandra said...

Hey Hey! That looks totally awesome! And how cool is that that you can go there as a day trip (all be it a long day)?! Lots of lovely memories there. Amazing how kids can just keep on going. Climbing, sliding and walking around in snow is tiring for us adults. But definitely your turn for a ski next time.

BoufMom9 said...

OMGosh! Looks like a wonderful time.
Is it crazy that I had no idea that you even get snow in Australia? Not.a.clue ;)

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time Renata, my children would love to go to the snow one day. I have not seen snow since we left NZ in 2002. I went skiing once in the South Island and it was a bit of a nightmare, blizzard conditions and I lost a contact lens on the snow field. I had my specs with me but they kept misting up! I was basically skiing blind and kept crashing into people and knocking over Japanese children!... It was called 'Happy Valley' but I was wet, cold and miserable! Never went skiing again and I switched to blue contact lenses ..not for reasons of vanity but to find them if they ever fell out again and just in case my husband suggested that we go skiing again... I think he gave up on me!

Mummy McTavish said...

That sounds like so much fun!!! It seems a bit odd to think that the snow fields would be a multicultural area... since Australia is so well known for it's snow;)

I love the kids in their snow suits. SO CUTE.

One day I'll get to the snow... I'll probably be more excited than the kids!

Grannysaurus said...

It was 1982 when Mr Sunshine and I took our kids to the snow and I agree with Mum-me about the DINKS snowfields. We ended up bypassing the Snowy Mts and went to Mt Bogong and loved it down there. We used the Decor picnic hamper lid as a sled because we were so poor back then, but it worked.
Snow pics aren't that easy to get the right exposure so your "dodgy one" camera did very well under the circumstances.

Aunty Sel said...

Hey Narn,
the littlies are soooo cute in their ski clothes!!! Glad you all had fun, and that you found Zai again.
Luv you all,

Saminda said...

Oh, Wow. That looks so wonderful!!! I didn't realise you guys were so close to the snow... well, "close" compared to how close we are- this definitely is the Sunshine State, as you well know!! I have NEVER been to the snow, nor have the children but Stu has when he was younger as he lived in England for 2 years. :) Glad you had this experience- what great fun and great memories!!

Aunty Elysia said...

Aww what an exciting weekend!!!! Looks like lotd of fun!

Cant wait to see you all... not so cold up here..

Love EJ xoxoxox

peta said...

Looks like you had great fun. We went to Perisher last week for a couple of days (we stayed in Cooma though, it was much cheaper than Perisher)the kids had never seen snow and they LOVED it. I must admit so did I..

Heather said...

You're so lucky that you can just take a day trip and see snow, and have fun, and then go home! I think I would appreciate snow a whole lot more if we could do it that way, instead of getting buried in it every other day, all winter long!

Frizzy said...

What a fun trip! Yaya still talks about the snow she played in last Christmas at her cousins. We'll have to take a trip to Tahoe this year so she gets more time with it in. Thanks for sharing all the great pics and little side notes. Too fun!

Cassandra-ann said...

Wow!!! my kids have never seen snow so they would love that, maybe one day we'll go when i dont have a 'little' baby....

Grandma said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Snow is sooooo.....beautiful. The picture of Ellie at the bottom is very interesting. If you didn't see the snow she was sitting on, you could have thought that she was at the beach!!! (Well that's how it looks to me!!!!) So glad Zai found you (lucky you didn't know he was lost!!!!!! - sorry, you were lost!)
Lots of love to all - 6 days to go !!!!!!!!!!!yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kimmie said...

What pretty snow. Looks like you really got to enjoy it.

I am definitely not ready for snow...we missed so much of spring and summer weather here in Connecticut, due to rain, rain, rain...since the 2nd week of May, pretty much daily. sigh. no more rain, and definitely NO SNoW!

glad you are enjoying it though.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Leanne said...

I love it! I feel refreshed and cooler after catching up with you! We've been having 105 degree temps here in the Pacific Northwest, very unlike us, and your snow photos really help! Today it's cooler here, thank God He doesn't give us more than we can handle!!

I spent some time hopping around to some of your friends blogs, and I have to say, you Aussies are delightful!

Enjoy your cold temperatures....this hot weather has me longing for fall!

Leah said...

I don't know about Selwyn, but Perisher and Thredbo both have child minding services, both indoors & ski lessons, so if both Mum & Dad want to ski the kids can be looked after! :) (Although if memory serves me correctly Selwyn has a better toboggan run... I haven't been to Selwyn since 1999 and I was 12).

Those snowfields are definitely not just the domain of DINKS... we've done it on 1.2 incomes with 4 kids! (Me being the oldest kid at the time, hehe).

If you ever go there though, stay in Jindabyne - heaps closer than Cooma and heaps cheaper than the actual snowfields! :)

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