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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Phew...what a busy, crazy hectic time of year this is becoming. It seems the closer to Christmas, the busier our lives become (throw in a BIG wedding anniversary & hubby's birthday as well before then). Lately it seems we've been running from hither to there doing all kinds of things as well as keeping the farm running. One thing that we've been busy with (well Ellie & I anyway) has been the annual dance concert. Ellie's ballet class (as well as the rest of the dance school) put on a big concert each year. This is very serious business & I must admit they did a great job (OK maybe I'm a teensy, weensy bit biased....but I bet Grandma would agree if she had seen it LOL). I never knew how important getting hair right is. Do you know how difficult a bun is to do JUST RIGHT? Well my first few were less than perfect, but after multiple rehearsals & 2 concerts, I think I'm an old pro now!
Here is our beautiful ballerina - the only picture I got of her by herself. She really had a wonderful time & is eager to do ballet again next year!

Another momentous thing happened here at Sunnyside last Sunday. I say momentous because it's another step in the twins just getting that much older (sniff, sniff)!
They asked for the training wheels to be removed from their bikes & are now riding with just 2 wheels. That's means in the space of a few months we've gone from 3 with training wheels to none.

Of course Dad was there to help with their starting ( & they still need a bit of practice with this).

Eli in particular is doing a great job - he's been practising a lot & asks so nicely " Mummy, can you please come & push me on my bike" - he looks at me with those big browny-green eyes & who can resist!

What a sweetheart!

Of course twin brother (not to be outdone) also had his training wheels taken off.
Jud however is slightly more cautious & after Eli's first spill decided that he doesn't want Mummy's help (not, mind you, that I caused the spill, but then who knows how a 3 year old mind works!)

Ellie was given a second hand bike from our pastors daughters.

It's really much too big for her & she can't even get on it by herself, but once on she whizzes around like there's no tomorrow. (Secretly, I fear it will be a broken bone when she does come off it though!)

We've had our triticale paddock harvested in Bill____ 50 & we've also added another 120 sheep to our place (besides the extra 20 we have on here for some friends who were out of feed) bringing the grand total to 165!!! (I believe we now earn the term "graziers!!!")
I have, however had one sick one....actually it's Choc Chip, Hot Chocolate's female lamb (you may remember her). Dave brought her in from the paddock & then the nursing is my responsibility (this all happened this evening after tea - needless to say the kids were VERY late to bed tonight). I've dosed her up with vitamins & given her a bottle of milk (which isn't that easy for a lamb who has never had a bottle before). We've locked her in a nearby shed so that foxes can't get her if she goes down again & given her fresh hay & water.

We shall see how she is in the morning.

I'll leave you with a sunset picture from the other evening! Isn't God's creation just breathtaking!

Goodnight my friends!


Heather said...

I can't believe the boys are riding without training wheels already! Bee just accomplished that this last summer, when she was 6. Good for them!

And I share your woes over the bun...I hated doing that when Bee was in ballet. Mine never looked right either, but I found a video on YouTube that explained how to do it correctly, so I finally got it right at her last recital. What I ever did before the internet, I have no idea!

Kimmie said...

Yeah for busyness and for bicycles! How fun! Admiring your beautiful barefoot weather.

Love you dear sweet Renata!

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted
*expecting again...
from Ethiopia!

Ana said...

I agree with you, the Holiday season is big time busy for us as well, we also have our wedding anniversary, my birthday, Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, a bunch of church commitments and loads of work... so much for the Holiday part... haha

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Lovely to see your pictures Renata and have another little glimpse of a joyous family life. Bike riding has been abandoned here, now that our newly built pool (a huge natural swimming pond complete with waterfall, as opposed to a traditional blue chlorinated swimming pool) is in operation. A deluge of rain filled it to overflowing a few weeks ago - just in time for the 40 degree temps we had on the weekend.

Sandra said...

Ellie looks beautiful and happy in her ballet gear. I am very glad to not have to deal with hair (other than my own!). I am sure you will continue to excel in it.
The boys are very clever riding on two wheels. It sure will keep them entertained tearing around the farm.

Mum-me said...

Ellie looked very excited in that picture, wearing her beautiful tutu. (Ducky gets to wear a real tutu this year!)

Love your sunset - we had a similar one a little while ago.

Hope the lamb gets better.

Saminda said...

Wow Renata, that sunset is so beautiful!!! :) Yes, the end of year dance concert sure is a big event! Ellie looks beautiful in her outfit. Did she enjoy the performing?
Your boys are doing so well with their riding - that is an area which is very neglected in our family. Must do something about that, now that we're on land there's no excuse! xo

Leanne said...

Wow....It's odd to see that the sun is shining and it's looking warm somewhere in the world!

It's gray and rainy and cold and yumy here.....

Training wheels off? I probably would have cried. I'm all mushy like that!

Your ballerina is sure cute!

Grannysaurus said...

Such a beautiful ballerina! And great bikers! So many milestones, before you know it you'll be a grandma like me and wondering how all those years disappeared so quickly. Beautiful sunsets and scenery always make me think that if heaven is even more beautiful (and it is), no wonder we are all dying to get there :)

Skipper said...

WOW! You have brave kids!! My girl is 6 and refuses to take the training wheels. Her 3yo brother is getting a bike this Christmas and I bet he will be zooming around with no trainers!

Christmas is crazy at this end too. Hopefully you don't get too worn out.

BoufMom9 said...

It sure is a crazy time of year, that's for sure! Geez!

LOVE your beautiful girl all ready to dance and your big boys riding bikes! OH.MY.GOSH! WOW!

Saying prayers you'll be able to nurse choc chip back to health.

Beautiful photo of God's splendor!

aunty sel said...

Hey Eli and Jud, you are doing so well on the bike!! It looks like heaps of fun, but don't let mummy push you off ;-)
Ellie, you look like a beautiful ballerina, I wish I could have seen you dancing.
Hi Zai too,
Aunty Sel

the happy sparrow said...

I love this post Renata! Such beautiful photos...sounds like a full but fun time for everyone! God bless you lovely Renata!
ps. I love the sunset photo:)

Grandma said...

Thanks for sharing the beauiful sunset with us - God is certainly amazing (as is His creation).
Well, if at all possible, Grandma will be at next year's concert to see the beautiful ballerina, and at one of Zai's Auskick games too & one of Dav's special work weekends...sorry Dav, but you're going to have to put up with me at least twice!!!! You got off easy this year (lol)....
The boys are very clever racing around on their bikes...the younger ones always want to keep up with the older don't they, Renata????? ; ) I can remember one girl who had issues with younger sisters wanting to do what she did (lovl)!!!
Keep on enjoying all the darlings and the stages that they're at, cos it won't be long til they're onto the next one (and then you get to enjoy that one too!!). I always say the best stage with anybody is the stage that they're currently at (after all we only have today, we can't go back and we can't go forward - praise God!!!)
Lots and lots and lots of love from Mum xxxxxxxx

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