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Monday, February 22, 2010

My Daybook for Monday 22nd February 2010:
Outside my window:

It sure is steamy. Outside it is heating up & I'm tempted to close all the windows & turn on the air conditioner, but remind myself that 2 years ago this would be normal. There is a little breeze in the very tops of towering iron bark gum trees that I can see from the window.

I am thinking:

Of how I would love to curl up right now & have a sleep. Instead I have housework to do. It's a shame I gave up coffee for my 30th (yes I gave up my iced coffees - need to update my profile) - I really think I could use one now, but unfortunately it tastes awful to me now!

I am thankful:
For the tomatoes I harvested from the garden this morning - enough for a salad for dinner. When I planted these plants I didn't realise that I had so many cherry tomatoes & miniature roma tomatoes - it takes a lot to make a salad!

From the learning rooms:
A new way of doing school today, but lots of fun. We had a joint music lesson for all 4 children then spelling & maths & reading & dictation for Zai & Ellie. We're doing more focused days on different subjects rather than trying to cram a little of each subject into each day.

From the kitchen:
Fruitcakes are waiting to be iced. I also have bottles of freshly made nectarine jam on the bench waiting to be labeled. I won't be baking until I do some shopping as I've run out of raw sugar. As for dinner I'm not sure - I've pulled out steak so I'm thinking to maybe crumb it & do some kind of potato dish & of course a yummy fresh salad!

I am wearing:
Denim 3/4 pants & a pink shirt - I got it for $1 at the op shop & love it!

I am creating:
Not a lot - wish I had things to write here, but I've been focusing on getting this new schooling sorted.

I am going:

Nowhere today!!! Tomorrow Ellie has ballet so that's the next time I'll be going off the farm (I hope).

I am reading:
Matthew in the Bible
A pile of old household magazines my neighbour dropped in for me - mainly Better Homes & Gardens & some recipe ones. Once I go through the pile those I don't want I'll drop into the local op shop.

I am hoping:
That we get some rain - the humidity is getting hard to bear (I must be getting soft living down here!).

I am hearing:
The sounds of happy children playing - mainly noises that are meant to resemble machinery I believe (this is such a male dominated house).

Around the house:
We have finally sorted the storage area & put the things on our newly built shelves (Thanks Dave:)). Washing, cleaning & schooling describes my day for this Monday, but I wouldn't change it.

One of my favourite things:
When the house is uncluttered & clean.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
This is a normal week, but I am considering going to the city at the end of the week for some shopping, however may not as I have to go next week for home school group anyway. Shall see.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing:

My little patriot!

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I hope you're having a lovely day & enjoying watching the winter Olympics - we sure are!

Renata :)


Peta said...

Im starting to wish for rain again too, it is so hot..
We are loving the olympics, Will wants to learn how to snowboard
Hope you have a great week and get to go to the city and shop..

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

The Humidity Australia wide has been something else this year.
Enjoy that slad Nothing quite like the flavour of homegrown Tomatoes!

Sandra said...

I bet your salad with fresh tomatoes was yum. And I like the sound of your baking. Have a great week.

Grandma said...

Hi Renata, Thanks for sharing your day with us - and love your little patriot (who's not looking so little these days!!!!) - I'm glad it's cooled down now a bit for you - today, we have a lovely breeze blowing (praise the Lord!!!) - I'm over the humidity!!!! Still that's probably better than being feet deep in blizzards & snow!! Better head off to Bible Study - lots of love to all the darlings Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Camille said...

Joining you in a favourite thing...the clean and uncluttered house! Oh how wonderful that is! Unfortunately, mine is not in that state at the moment...gotta work on that!

The Olympics have been especially fun for us as we are living in one of the venue cities ~ we are on the outskirts of the host city. :)

Lovely to visit here today!


Joyeful said...

Mmmmm....fresh tomatoes from the garden! Delicious! And fruit cakes! I'm hopping on the next jet and coming over : )

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