Rain, rams, lambs & chooks!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Last night we woke up to the sound of rain on the roof (YAY) & it surely has set in - it hasn't stopped & is forecast to last the whole weekend. I often wonder if there is many things better than walking around the farm in the rain - such fresh air & so beautiful & cool! The water splashing on my skirt as I walk through the long grass this morning was refreshing. I have even had to bring out my winter all-weather jacket - it's turned a touch chilly.

Wednesday night one of our friends brought over some rams to run with our mob of sheep. If you remember that late last year we brought a mob of ewes as we had plenty of growth on our farm to feed them (as well as lots of hay - still have lots of hay thanks to the summer rains). Well we intend to sell them later on this year, but we wanted them in lamb when we sell them - thus the necessity to bring in some rams. Wednesday was the big night. We bought the sheep up to the yards & the rams were delivered. They are of the Border Leicester breed- to me that means the sheep with the big nose ( I'm such a professional sheep farmer - LOL). Well they set straight to work!
The big guy in the middle looking at you is one of the rams.

After being released from the yards yesterday morning, we had to move them to another paddock in the afternoon (we both need to be home to do this). So I jumped on the quad bike & rode down to find the sheep. You can imagine my surprise when I found them...... underneath Hot Chocolate was 2 little lambs - she'd given birth sometime that day (again we didn't know she was pregnant). Twins again!!!
This time one is all black & one all white! Too cute!(sorry no pictures yet - I don't carry my camera when I'm moving sheep - sometimes it takes some creative riding.)
Mummy & babies are doing well!

So now I have some more babies to check on ( the other twins (from 00)are also going well) - & there's a heavily pregnant sheep still running around (her name is 96). I thought she was going to have her lamb (lambs??) a few weeks ago & have been checking her periodically, but nothing so far. Can't be long surely! (this sheep owner is getting impatient!)

Yesterday we also received 5 new half grown hens. Our neighbour was receiving a large order & asked if I wanted some, so I ordered these a month ago. They are finally here & going well - enjoying our weed filled chook run (usually I free range our chooks - it's only when I receive new ones that I lock them up for a week - oh well the run needs a clean out anyway).

So that is the latest Sunnyside news!
Hope you have a lovely weekend
Renata :)


Saminda said...

I know I've said it before, but my kids would LOVE living at your place!! All those wonderful animals. We are talking at the moment about getting a dog - just little steps though. :) Stu is about worried about the extra costs involved with another animal.
And my chooks would love all those weeds!! Glad you guys have the rain now too. To be honest I'm reading for some sun again. :) The ground is SO soggy. Have a great weekend! xo

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh I so wish I was there to see the lambs!
Can I ask why do you want or whats the need to have the ewes in lamb at sale time? Is That like standard practise?
Sorry i may live in the country but no "nuthin" bout sheep!
My 14 hens are producing between them like 3 eggs a day! Grrrrrr! Very bad hens:)

aunty sel said...

Hey Narn,
So glad that you are getting some of the rain, we have had heaps!!!
Fancy another lot of twins....what will you call them this time?
Have a lovely weekend,

Mum-me said...

Love reading all your news, and congratulations on the newest additions to Sunnyside. I'm thanking God for the rain too - things are starting to look green around here.

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Can't wait to see the pics of the new lambs. I raised a couple of lambs in high school, but never bred them. It would be fun to raise some from birth. Someday I might!

Heather said...

Renata, I have no idea how you do it all - homeschooling, raising 4 kids, and moving sheep? Amazing! I feel lucky if I manage to take a shower every day!

I'm glad you're getting some rain!

Grandma said...

Hello Narn, So glad to hear you're getting some more rain - top all your water supplies up - looks like your state is going to get lots of water in the Murray-Darling system in these next few weeks - hopefully it'll top up that and break their drought. Unfortunately, they need floods to happen in west queensland to break their drought...
Hope you end up with lots of lambing ewes (and lots & lots of eggs too).
I love your photo of the solitary flower at the start - it's a lovely shot!
We could do with a couple of sunny days up here, just to get on top of the washing!! We're very thankful that the dams are filling up though. I do feel for those people out west though who've lost everything in flood waters. It's hard to imagine that those towns that are normally super super dry, have whole rivers running through them. Apparently some of the insurance companies are trying to not pay by calling it 'deluge' - not 'flood'!! Can you believe it?
Anyway, hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Give all our love. Will talk soon Lots & lots of love from Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Old Dairy said...

Glad to hear your getting rain, what a nice suprise twins again...

Sandra said...

So glad you are getting the rain too. I'm sure it will be much appreciated. Congratulations on your new lambs. It must be a wonderful suprise to find.

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

Love the picture of the flower! Very beautiful!

Helen said...

Got to love the rain - big grin...
I so enjoy seeing the pictures of your farm (it just looks so beautiful) and reading about what you get up too. Enjoy your week

Mummy McTavish said...

Praise God for the RAIN!

I love the photos you take around the farm. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Christy said...

hey Renata!
glad to hear the sunnyside news...sounds very productive! We got lots of rain this weekend too. Filled my 5000L tank in one night!

I was thinking with all those sheep having twins that "Sunnyside" might be becoming "twinnyside" hehe!

Love to you all xoxo

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