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Friday, June 4, 2010

This week the diary was full, full, full...

Dave had an assignment due for uni & monopolized the computer all day since he had it off. Of course that meant no blog post.
Was a pretty general Tuesday - Ellie had ballet in the afternoon & these two scary creatures

(OK not the feline one - don't you just feel sorry for the kitten sometimes - trust me they are the most loved kittens in the world!)

..had their 4 year old immunisations - not fun - thankfully we haven't had any reactions.

Dave had the day off to plant for this season.

It was a beautiful day & although it was all hands on deck for the morning of preparation, he was all ready to get into the planting by lunch time. We intend to plant 50 acres of barley under sown with pasture seed.
I was surprised when the tractor stopped after only a short time - here's the reason why...

The paddock was so boggy after our week of rain last week that the tractor had skidded numerous times - thankfully it didn't get stuck!
So instead we had a picnic afternoon tea by the big dam!
Of course with our family near water, this inevitably happens...

Don't worry,  daddy could get his own back well & truly..


The kids & I boot scooted to the city for home school group!  It was wonderful to finally catch up with our friends after missing the last 3 months.  The ladies were raving about this gourmet deodorant that they were trying made by a local lady - of course I couldn't resist stopping at the shop (let me tell you it's one I'm going to have to make a regular part of my shopping..... just beautiful.)  I've been looking for a natural alternative to that aluminium rubbish.  This one feels so smooth & soft - it's made from coconut oil, Shea butter, cornstarch, bicarb soda & essential oils.  I'm loving the lingering rose scent that I'm carrying around with me & so far no problems (of course the true test will be a busy, hot summers day!).

Then Thursday night Dave & I  went out to a fundraising dinner where our old Prime Minister, John Howard, was speaking.  What a vibrant, intelligent speaker he is - I was very impressed by both the content & manner of his speaking as well as the fact that he went around the whole room of 240 people & shook every one's hand.  He certainly seemed a wise man & we can be very thankful that he led our country for so long.
Is today & we've been busy with school, school, school.  I tried to cram 2 days worth of work into one day - not something I advice & no, we didn't manage to do it all (the kids were troopers though) - I am however more than on schedule with their school work, so am going to be looking for extra work come the end of term (either that or have extra long holidays - although we're planning a Qld holiday sometime in the next 6 months, so would like to not take too long off school now)!
This afternoon Zai has auskick for an hour - then off to our friends house for dinner.
Tomorrow we head into Dave's work for the last flying of the Canberra & Boomerang  before they are put away for at least 2 years :(
Sunday Dave's preaching since our minister & his family have decided to desert us  um mm run off screaming from all the stress  actually leave us as they feel God's leading them elsewhere after 8 years of service in our church!

All in all a wonderful week - but I'm hoping the next one is a teeny bit more peaceful!
I hope you all have a wonderful, refreshing, relaxing weekend!
God bless


Ana said...


Jan said...

A very well rounded and interesting week. Would love to hear John Howard speaking too, glad you got the chance to hear him.
Many Blessings - Jan

Skipper said...

Wow!! What a very crazy busy week you have had!! Sounds like it was fun though. :) I love the pics of your boys by the dam. :P

Frizzy and Bird said...

That's a fun filled week for sure. WOuld love to hear about the flying of the Canberra and Boomerang. Sounds way cool. Also, I pray you have a wonderful harvest this year.

Cassandra-ann said...

Wow you sure were busy! Love the pics :-)
I often try to do that, try to cram 2 days worth or work into one.
Your kitty is sooo cute, Paige would LOVE a cat but hubby says no (he is allergic) so for now she will have to be content with her fureal one lol.
Have a lovely weekend
Cassandra xx

Grandma said...

Woo Hoo - did I read a Queensland holiday in the next 6 months????? or was it just wishful thinking??????????????
What a week you had, and if I recall from our call, that wasn't all you did!!!! I hope next week is a bit more settled for you all!! But still those busy weeks when you do some different things can be fun now and again!!!
Am interested in how the deodorant goes. Does she have a website???
Hope the Canberra & Boomerang's fly before mothballing goes well, and even more importantly, that Dave's sermon goes well!!!
Lots of love to all of the darlings.
Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

You have been a busy one!
Life gets like that with kids though,No matter how hard I try it is busy!!!

Mum-me said...

Hope you're having a relaxing weekend after your busy week.

Helen said...

What a full on week you had... I would of enjoyed listening to John Howard speak.. I really liked him as a prime minister. I'm glad you got to catch up with the other home school families. The deodorant sounds good - does she sell them online?
Thanks for stopping by - we have been making lapbooks now for going on 4 years. Saharna made her first one when she was 6 1/2. My two love making them - and you can get so many free ones on the net.

aunty sel said...

Hi Narn,
Thanks for sharing.
I am in Townsville now, its very full on!!

debi9kids said...

What a wonderful recap! Sounds like you have been very busy and enjoying yourselves :)

Question about the deodorant... is that for under the arms? (I know when Nanny Deb brought deodorant from UK, it was totally different than what we use here in the US)

Kimmie said...

what a beautiful place God planted you the photos of your country, farm, life...

How did Dave's preaching go...?

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Smilie girl said...

Good to hear that Dave's getting through his assignments. How did the preaching go?
The twins looked very ferocious in their masks :)
I like the sound of the fancy deodorant too, hope it continues to work well.
Wishing you another wonderful week Renata.

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