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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

(NB: to international readers - Australia is having a federal election this Saturday 21st August 2010)

I'm breaking my self imposed blog holiday  because I really feel it's important to pass on these links.  This upcoming federal election is definitely an important time for us to make sure that as Christians we have a voice in who is leading our country.  It is thus critically important that Christians (& all Australians) be aware of different policies that the parties hold.  Do you know there are parties that are standing completely against our beliefs - parties such as the Greens who hide behind the "environmental" shield, but really their other policies will only bring harm to our way of living  & freedoms eg. education - they are hoping to remove any funding from private schools - this will make Christian schools obsolete as few will be able to afford them etc.    Anyway while I step off my soapbox, let me encourage you to look at the following sites:

* - this is the Australian Christian Lobby site - they presented a list of questions to each party & published their results here. (On the right hand side of the page you can go straight to what the parties think)   Results are interesting & the blog by Jim Wallace presents some thought provoking material.  Dave was speaking at a camp the weekend before last where Jim Wallace was also speaking & Dave was very impressed with this man's integrity & faith.  

*   This is answers to a survey from each candidate throughout Australia published by Family Voice Australia. Here you will find the individual candidates opinions on various topics - eg abortion, marriage etc. It's important to find out who you holds the same values as you do so you can make an informed decision.

I guess ultimately it's up to us to stand up for our beliefs  - after all  when we are voting we want to ensure that our children & grandchildren enjoy the same freedom to worship & serve the Lord that we do today.

However if you do nothing else - pray.  - pray for your decision - pray for the candidates- & pray for the person & party who ends up leading our great nation.

I hope you find this useful.
I intend to be back sometime next week
God bless


Mum-me said...

I've seen the first link Renata, but didn't know about the other one which I will check out soon. It's good to make ourselves informed about the candidates in our various electorates and choose the one we think will represent us best, rather than just voting Labor or Liberal because "that's what I've always done" or "that's how my parents voted".

I have recently heard a lot of people say "If you are dissatisfied with both major parties then vote Green."

To that I say, please remember that with the preference deal in place between Greens and Labor, a vote for Green is essentially a vote for Labor and vice versa.

Grannysaurus said...

Good for you Renata. I've already made up my mind. Since there are some very anti-christian forces behind some of the political agendas, people need to do their homework before voting.

Grandma said...

Hi Narn, What a gorgeous photo of our little princess!!!!
Thanks for your election update - It is really important that people do pray and consider how they'll vote. It's a great privilege that many people in the world don't have. We've been stunned at how much mail our local member (who is part of Labor) has been posting us. One day this week we received 5 letters from her, a couple yesterday and 4 today - all paid for by taxpayers - not happy!!!!
Tis cold and rainy up here today.
I have to go now and be a computer nerd and hook up our new modem/router. I asked Aunty C if I could load up the wireless info onto her laptop (she's at work) - her reply - if you're done by 3:30. I told her it was only supposed to take 20 mins - she thought it would take longer. Hopefully it'll all work before she and dad come home!!!
Anyway lots of love to all the darlings
Lots & lots of love, Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps pls pray for Boo - she's still not well - thanks xxxxxxxxxxxx

debi9kids said...

oh my! Your green party there sounds JUST like our green party here. UGH. (basically hiding behind the environment with their anti-Christian ideals.)

I pray Australia ends up in a better situation than the US is currently... with a congress and President who don't listen to the people :(

Linda said...

What a beautiful photo Renata. A read of the August Woman's Weekly shed a lot of light for me relating to some of my beliefs. I didn't know that about the private schools. Thanks Renata, I wish I had come along earlier though. Maybe I will get time to have a look.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

People really need to not listen to what the media is "selling" and do the research for themselves.
And pray!!!

Leanne said...

I agree with debi9kids......

Thank you for bringing your country's situation to my attention. In our country, things are so messed up and so backwards that it's hard to think other countries could be in the same frying pan, only to remember that in some countries it's actually worse than the US! Today's the day, and I'll pray.

It's always nice to "visit" you! I know, I know....I ALWAYS say that, but it really is true!

That picture of your little gal is just peachy! She's a cutie pootie!!

Renata, thanks so much for your joy and encouragement to me as I announced our precious news! I find myself getting very excited and very involved and very nesty right now!!

Take care and talk soon!

Catherine said...

Hey Renata, that photo is just SOOOOO sweet. I love it. What a cute little lady.

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