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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I don't often write about myself, but since  I've just celebrated a birthday, I thought a post about me would be fun.  So here goes....

1.   I was not born in Australia - although all of my ancestors for many generations were.
2.   My favourite colour is pink - my Grandad used to tell me "pink, pink makes the boys wink" - that is not why my favourite colour is pink though.
3.    I am practical - very, very practical. Sometimes it annoys me.  I feel guilty if I spend money on anything that isn't practical.
4.    I met Dave when I was 14 - on the school bus.  He was a bit naughty back then.  I told my Mum "That Dave (insert last name) is not a very nice type of boy at all."
5.    I realised he actually was a nice boy & we became close friends when I was 15 1/2 - we used to take his dog for a walk.
6.    He is the only person that I've kissed (in the romantic type of way) - I'm glad about this.
7.    We got married when we were both 20 - I would definitely let my children get married young - I think it's wonderful.
8.     I always wanted a large family
9.     I don't think 4 kids is a large family.
10.   I have always wanted to adopt a little girl from China - I remember thinking about this when I was in primary school
11.   I loved being pregnant - even with the twins I loved it - I think pregnant woman are so beautiful.
12.   I have always wanted to be a wife & Mum - but I also wanted to be a doctor once upon a time.
13.   I am so glad I never became a doctor.
14.   I also wanted to write a book - maybe one day I will - I have had a story in my head for the last year - one day I might just write it down!
15.   I love long skirts - although you'll probably find me in blue jeans - it's much more practical.
16.   I love long hair - I've decided I'm never having my hair short again.
17.   Dave loves long hair as well & is glad about my last decision - he has told me he doesn't want me to ever dye it - we shall see.
18.   I am the eldest of 5 girls - I loved having babies around when I was a teenager - in fact I think the perfect life would always have babies around.
19.   I love my new bread maker - I love waking up to the smell of fresh bread each morning.
20.   I have always wanted to live in the country & have a cow called Bessy - now I do!
21.   I love being married - although we've had good & difficult times, the good definitely outweigh the bad.
22.   I married the best man in the whole wide world - sorry you missed him!
23.   I love the beach - one of the bad things about living here is being so far from the beach - sometimes I crave the beach!
24.    I miss our families.  My ideal farm would be only 3 or 4 hours from our families - not 14 hours.
25.    Some days I think I could live here my whole life -other times I wonder if I'll make it for the rest of the week!
26.    Hormones effect me a lot (see no. 25)
27.    I love riding my motorbike - there's something about the wind in your hair that I just love.
28.    I look younger than I am - people always think I'm in my early twenties (maybe they should get their eyes examined!)
29.    I hate photos of myself.  The only ones I like are my wedding ones!
30.    I am enjoying Sunny Queensland as you read this - gotta love scheduled posts
31.   As I mentioned I've just had a birthday - how old do you think I turned (hint: see post title!)

So that's me - how about you?

Have fun


simone17 said...

lovely post Renata, I liked reading it! Enjoy your holiday back home and happy 21st ...oops 31st birthday!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Happy Birthday Renata!
I enjoyed your list - laughed about the 4 kids -it's true most people think 4 kids is a big family. I sometimes go out with just the younger ones and people say gosh you have your hands full and then you should see their face when I say I have another 3 at home. Then some people ask me my age - seriously! It is probably because I also look younger than my years - my best compliment ever came from the midwife on meeting me for the first time during pregnancy no 7 she asked 'Is this your first?' When I was 25 and at home with baby no1 (now work out my age!) a teenage salesman came to the doorstep and asked if my mother was in! I wanted to throttle him - today I would hug him!
Hope you are enjoying the QLD sunshine and having a wonderful break.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

I really enjoyed this, Renata. I love that you met hubby when you were just 14....and that your mum thought he wasn't a 'good type'! That's really funny!
I don't think 4 kids is a lot either, but sadly, I'm much older than you, so that will be my lot :(
I too hate photos of myself - really hate them. But if I looked like you in photos, I wouldn't!
I do love living near the sea, and would definitely miss that, but I think I'd trade it for the weather.... I almost couldn't say that, but I think it's true ;)
Love, Anne x

Saminda said...

Happy Birthday lovely lady!!
We are very similar girls- we'd be great real life friends I am sure. :) Hope you've enjoyed sunny QLD - although it's been quite wet and cool this week as I'm sure you've noticed. ;)
Love Saminda xxx

Smilie girl said...

Happy birthday Renata! Hope you are having/had a great time in sometimes sunny QLD.
Lots of very true and wonderful things about yourself in that list. I know you love being a big sister and how much you love your family. I think your top notch!

Ruby said...

Hi Renata,
Great little bits of info about you! Guessing you are 31 Duh! I do hope Qld was sunny for you as it has been raining quite a lot here, depending where you are visiting.

Linda said...

Lovely post Renata.

Heather said...

"I told my Mum "That Dave (insert last name) is not a very nice type of boy at all."

This cracks me up, especially since you married him!

And you got a breadmaker. YAY! I have a great herb bread recipe on my blog :)

Gayle said...

Hi Renata!
Happy Birthday! I loved reading your 31 things! We have alot in common. ;)
Been thinking about you.. hope all is well.

Linda said...

Renata I had a baby face when I was your age. When you are my age you will come into your own and won't need hair dye. :-)

Duckygirl said...

I think I know why I like reading your blog so much...I could have written several of these myself! (in other words I think we have a lot in common) :)

It was fun to get to know a bit more about you and 'Happy Belated Birthday'!!


Megan said...

Love the post! I love learning new things about people! I am very practical too! I like it that way. Sounds like we have a lot in common. I wanted to be a veterinarian. I am glad that I am not a veterinarian. Hope you have a great birthday!!

Goatldi said...

Happy, Happy, Birthday!

1. Listen to your DH don't dye your hair. I know from experience.

2. I have to disagree I married the best man in world. But then I guess it is all about personal preference. ;-)

Mountain Home Quilts said...

What fun facts! I LOVE being pregnant too and I also don't think that 4 kids is a lot. 19, yes but 4? No way!
Happy belated Birthday to you! :)

Frizzy and Bird said...

I loved learning more about you on your 31st birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Grandma said...

Mmmm.......I think I probably knew about 30 of them (what's the book idea???????) So glad you had a lovely birthday. Thanks for being here for my birthday!!!! Love you all lots, Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps I do NOT give you permission to put those dreadful photos taken by a particular pair of aunties on your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only nice, flattering ones where I look beautiful, trim, taunt and terrific are permissible (Ohhh...don't you have any of those ones -lol ???????????

Catherine said...

You might hate photos of yourself but you look very pretty in this one! ;0) Wondering if you're in my hood on your holiday??

Jan said...

Great, Renata, to read your 31 points, for your 31st birthday.
Trust your birthday special, and one to remember.
Blessings, Jan

Lovin' Life said...

What a great blessing to look young! Happy Birthday!

Bobbie-Jo said...

Your 31 Things are so happy and upbeat. A neat peak into who you are. I also love riding my motorbike!

Cassandra-ann said...

Happy birthday my dear sweet friend. I also just celebrated my birthday and did a list as well! I loved you list and i must say that you dont look 31 at all. Compared to me your a spring chicken :-)

Cassandra xx

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