Little boys....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Frogs & snails & puppy dog tails.....
That's what little boys are made of.
(Robert Southey)

I am forever in awe of the difference between boys & girls.  God created them so different & it's observable from the start... 

I love the fact that I have 3 sons so close in age - they are each other's best friends - they know how to play so beautifully, but they know exactly what bothers the others as well....

It seems it only takes minutes for a perfectly clean face to become covered in dirt, the shirt gets grimy & those pants are crinkled - but that's why we love them all the more...

Their imagination knows no limits - a race car driver one minute,  a sports star or  a super sleuth the next.  They always win, always get the prize, always solve the case.  There is no thought of failure to a little boy.

They spend hours playing in the dirt, or the mud or the water - rain only brings more chances for fun outside!

 Energy - so much energy - they never stop from the second they awake until time for bed- running, jumping, playing, riding, talking, working, tickling.... little boys are fun, fun, fun

Always trying to train them with a goal of strong Christian gentlemen in site - 
Do we want our sons to be lazy men?  NO!  Well don't let them be lazy now - give them jobs & make them do them!
Do we want them to participate in church? YES!  Well encourage them to participate now - tell them the sermon isn't just for adults, but rather for all Christians - even primary school children can learn something new - it often helps to discuss the topic at home in family devotions - saying "remember what Pastor_______said" encourages further listening!
Do we want them to love the Lord with all their hearts? YES! Well encourage this every second by teaching them & setting a good role model for them ( this is where their fathers role is so important - are you acting in a way you want your sons to act when they are men?)
Do we want them to be kind to women & girls? YES! Well don't allow them to mistreat their sisters or mothers - instead expect courtesy, respect & love.

Raising future men - who will one day lead their households &  raise our grandchildren - are we carrying the torch properly & doing our part to pass it on to them?  Are we making sure that they know the Lord - not just about Him, but truly know Him?
When night comes they sleep so well, storing up endless energy for the next day... So sweet, so perfect, so peaceful.
Thank you God for my precious boys!


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Aww Renata, that was a delight! So many lovely photos of busy, busy, busy boys. I agree so much with you too. I thank God that He saw fit to give me 2 boys as well as our 2 girls. I wouldn't swap any of them, of course!
Boys - as well as being active and enthusiastic, are very affectionate. I love that!
Loved the photos, and the commentary.
And the adorable sleeping boys!
Fabulous! x

Heather said...

Boys are so much fun! I never knew how much I needed DJ until he was here.

Your boys are growing so fast, I can't believe how big they're getting!

Ana Degenaar said...

I was just thinking how much I'd love to have a boy one day :) These photos are precious~!

Saminda said...

Beautiful photos Renata, especially the sleeping one. :)

Thanks for the reminder of steering my boys in the right direction - always with the Lord in sight. It's hard when you're a first generation Christian (and you know my other difficulties), but I try so hard. With God's grace, all 3 of my children will know Him as I do.

Bless you, Saminda xx

Smilie girl said...

Boys are delightful, aren't they. And noisy and energetic too.
Beautiful pictures of your beautiful boys.
Lots of good things to remember there about helping them grow into Godly men.

Cassandra-ann said...

Hey Renata, Great post, So true :-)
I am ever so thankful for my sons...

Cassandra xx

aunty sel said...

Ohhhh!! They are soooo gorgous!!!
Lovely to see some more photo's of them.
Give them all a big hug for me,

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

They are gorgeous boys rEnata.
I know my Son would loved to have had a Brother close in age,He palys well with his Sisters but he loves the company of another active,sporty boy best.
I pray he gets a friend like such....Our towns so small so it is a big ask.
So great your little guysd have one another,

Grandma said...

Oooohhhh, they are so that the new chariot in the background of one of the photos?
Don't tell anybody, but little girls are pretty good to have to!!!!!
Hope you all have an amazing weekend - lots and lots and lots of love to all from Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps they are only young for such a short time...

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