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Saturday, April 2, 2011

I've always loved country roads - those quaint little tracks spread all over the world.  Before we had children we used to spend hours just following country roads - just seeing where they went.  The twisting & turning tracks  leading to some little unknown treasure - a small farmyard, well loved by someone, somewhere... hearts coming home to it's warmth ;  a peaceful, shaded gurgling brook - laughing it's way from somewhere to somewhere, making the perfect setting for a picnic lunch; an old graveyard - full of headstones from last century - leaves you wondering what their legacy was - why they died, what family they left behind; Sometimes  you come across a lookout on the edge of a mountain- making you feel like you're on top of the world - you can see for thousands of kilometres - you can't help but realise how very awesome our Creator really is - and how insignificant you really are!

Whatever we'd find it was always fun to have gone - to take the plunge & turn down the road off the busy highway - to see what little treasure lies along it.  I have fond memories of picnics in far off places, by beautiful creeks and in parks of tiny unheard of  towns!  Of roads that end up as tracks, that end up as paths of little more than bush between two fences.  Of getting lost & having to knock at a farmhouse door and ask directions!

Whenever I see a country road, I always wonder where it goes, who lives on it - what their story is.  I love to daydream about life in the little farmhouses dotted all over the country - come dark those little specks of light you see going out from the side of the road.  Who lives there - what is their story - what do they do?  

I remember as a girl spending long trips lingering in thoughts of farm life with cottages and pastures speckled with wildflower sustaining the friendly animals  (because when you daydream it's always spring!) Gardens full of flowers and food - chickens clucking happily by my side as I work in my dainty straw hat - flowers filling my hands and apron, long skirt brushing the green grass as I bend to sniff a beautiful rose - the scent seemed to come through my dreams!  

It's hard to believe that we now live in one of those farmhouse dots off the edge of the road, that we can breathe the fresh, pure country air.  I know our story - and it's not a fairy tale - the farm isn't idyllic and the garden ( that which grows) takes a whole lot more work than I ever thought, but still - I wouldn't change it, I love living here, I know what a blessing it is - the cow bellowing outside the window at 4am, the long hours of tractor work to try & get some kind of crop, the harsh sun that kills everything in it's path that hasn't been watered with the little water that's around during those long, hot drought years. Life is a blessing, it really  is a gift from the Lord - even hardships hold a lesson for us to learn.  

I don't know what my life will hold in the future, where I will be in 10 years, what will fill my seconds, minutes, days, weeks , years ahead.  I would love to think of being here at Sunnyside into retirement, visited by grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, but I have no idea .  I do however know that I can trust the One who does know - that His plans for my life are much better than my own.  After all he put the country dirt  inside this country girl right from the beginning - He bought me out here far away from family to our own little farm & gave me more than I could ever dream of.  He is teaching me & moulding me through each step of my life &  I know that He will guide me as I continue to live for Him!

Isn't it great to be able to rely on the Lord - isn't it wonderful to give Him our dreams and trust that He knows what is best for us?

Joining Jenn for 

(Sorry I haven't been around much this last week - we've had troubles with our internet - grrr... fixed now though (I hope))!

Have a wonderful, blessed day


Jenn said...

Loved this post! I am the same way and we did the same thing before our children were born! :) I love living on a country/dirt road!

Carissa said...

It has been fun catching up on the last few posts... (Except for the dog attack, oh my! How are your sheep doing now?).

I LOVE the B&W picture of your daughter on her bike... PRICELESS!
The one in color is beautiful too! Lovely dress and hair flower!

Oh these country roads... We do love them don't we! I think they are specifically made for us dreamers! So happy that you are blooming where you are planted!

Sweet post!

love carissa

Smilie girl said...

Beautiful post.
It's good to take time to explore and not just stick to the main roads.
I do now have "Country Roads, take me home..." in my head now.

Mountain Home Quilts said...

What amazing pictures! I loved them all! :)

Shonni said...

What a beautiful post. You captured the same thoughts that I have about those country roads!! I am so grateful to the LORD that we live out side of the city. I love it out here!!!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

I loved this post too! And I too always make up my story when I see farmhouses or lonely homes (I do the same with people I pass in the supermarket too, mind you!)

I love that you now live on one of these roads, but I can appreciate that is sure isn't easy. It's hard work but, as you say, rewarding, and you wouldn't swap it I'm sure for the world

Quinn said...

What a beautiful post Renata!

We always take drives through the country and I find myself longing for one if it's too long between them :)

Grandma said...

Hello my dear,
Thanks for your lovely post. Where were the photos taken of the cows with the sea in the background (I think)???? Will try and call again tomorrow - I keep missing you :(
Must go as I have to pick up Aunty E from the airport. Love to all my favorite Sunnysiders xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Renata said...

Sandra - I had that song in my head the whole time writing this too!!

Mum - they were taking on our holiday to Kiama - on the way up to the look out. It was such a quaint road & I kept asking Dave to stop so I could get another picture!
No good calling this week - I'm off to home school camp - I'll try & send you a picture if my phone works there!

Amanda said...

Loved this post!!!

I love me some country roads too!

Before we had children we did this most every weekend. It's still fun to take a country drive and visit a country road, but we surely don't get out as much as we used to.

Great country road shots!

Kimmie said...

catching up...

saw your note to your mum...homeschool camp?? Do share!

Linda said...

What a lovely post Renata. We are so much alike. I spent so much time walking the sheep back to their paddock and other things, and drive along country roads, they are all different too. The creeks by the road here make me think of other days spent by them when I was little, and as newlyweds we did go places too, sometimes winter bush BBQs. Thanks so much I needed a younger heart to help cheer my older one on.

Cassandra-ann said...

Amen to a gorgeous post!
Hope you guys are well :-)

Cassandra xx

Jen's Busy Days said...

When I lived in Launceston for a while and in Dorrigo too I would regularly pack up food and water and take the kids on an "adventure". Some times the car came back a whole lot muddier than dh would have liked and my kids weren't too sure about the whole idea of "Are we there yet?" having no answer because there was no "there" to get to but I loved it.

I still would love to do some exploring. It is one of my little joys in life to just get away from the pace of every day life. Surprisingly here in the Hunter the scenery just doesn't compare to the above mentioned places and I just don't do "adventures" very much. Sad!

I would encourage you to still drive down those long and windy roads, take your kids and ask them to imagine the people living there now and in the past, get them to understand that sometimes the journey and its little discoveries, beauties, pleasures and pains are much more important than "are we there yet?".

Best wishes
Jen in NSW

debi9kids said...

Ok and I am now absolutely convinced that if you & I didn't live miles and miles apart that we would be the best of friends.
I LOVE taking long rides out in the middle of no where, following the country roads and just waiting to see where they will lead (my favorite are the old churches)

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