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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My sister has recently spent a fun-filled week here at Sunnyside. We had so much fun catching up on each others lives.  We had our traditional girls shopping trip (that inevitably ended up at the chocolate & licorice factory nearby) &we found the most amazing rocking chair that absolutely, completely belongs to me - even though she will tell you otherwise!!!! We enjoyed talking until we were too tired to put a sentence together properly - not to mention perusing  her copy of "Romantic Prairie Style" multiple times (if you get the chance to have a look - do!). 

 When she arrived we were surprised at the enormous amount of luggage she had bought with her - now had it been any of the other 3 sisters this indulgence of baggage wouldn't have raised a question, but this sister tends to pack lightly. That evening she beckoned me into our guest room to show me why.  Laying there on the bed was the most amazing site - 4 homemade quilts - one each for the children's beds.  

All  carefully made by my Granny - as a surprise for them & myself.  I was so overwhelmed with emotion as I studied each square - especially chosen & put together with love by a woman who we all love so much.  

What a beautiful blessing these are to our family - I see love in each stitch, read love in each square & even though she says it helps to stay busy so she's not bored, I know that it's her way of telling us how much she cares for each of us!

Don't you love Bessy in this picture - she is giving the death stare to the lambs who were having a lot of fun running around with us - I think she still has issues about being locked up in that paddock!!

 She asked for a photo of them on the clothesline - we thought we'd go a step further & do a photo shoot (very amateurish, but fun) - starring her quilts with their very excited recipients.

What wonderful gifts - we will cherish them always just as we cherish their maker!

I hope to be back a little sooner than last time....
Have a wonderful week



Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Dear Rentata,
How wonderful that you were able to have this time with your sister and oh my I gasped when I saw these photos; those quilts are absolutely beautiful - truly stitched with love. They look fantastic draped over the fence - real country style! You will enjoy the analogy I used at my last blog which refers to my present form of quilting. It always something I have wanted to learn but I'm saving it for the future - maybe I will stitch for my grandchildren one day but there again I have 7 children and that could mean more a lot of quilts!
I have a copy of Romantic Prairie style gracing my coffee table - my belated mother's day gift, it was worth the wait!

Smilie girl said...

What beautiful quilts! A wonderful and precious gift.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh wow! What wonderful gifts! They will cherish them forever. They are not just 'bits of material'.... as you say, you see love in every stitch. They are wonderful :)

Christy said...

What a beautiful surprise and wonderful gift for all the children! i bet they'll be treasured always :) glad you've had a visitor... much love, C xo

Ana Degenaar said...

Oh my goodness I adore those!

Carissa Anne said...

Hi Renata,

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful treasures with us! Those quilts are sooo lovely!

So sweet to see your babies all cuddled up enjoying them... These are the best days of our lives!!

Love the picture of your daughter twirling with them in the background.

Love Carissa

Ruby Jean said...

I was just thinking about you yesterday and was going to email you today.. :) to see how everything was going... Now I know.. : ) What a blessing to spend time with your sister and what a LOVELY gift she gave to you and your family...

Have a wonderful day...

Frizzy said...

Oh my goodness. What an amazing gift! It brought tears to my eyes because I know how much love she put into each and every one of those quilts. I imagine your fingers slowly touching every inch of them as you study and absorbe them into your memory and heart.

What would we do without our Grannies?

goatldi said...

What a wonderful gift! Aren't Grammie's the best?

Heather said...

Those quilts are just beautiful, and I LOVE the picture of Ellie running in front of them, with her hair flying behind her. I have a quilt that my grandmother made for me, and it's a treasured possession. I also have some hand-embroidered pillowcases and I hope to hand them down to my children when they get married.

Linda Stubbs said...

Oh how precious! Your sis wrote me and said she was going to get to be with. I prayed.......that your time would be special. Looks like you all were not disappointed! So happy for you. I have not been making my rounds like I need. We are in a drought and the garden is keeping us movin! Today the tomatoes look real good and we robbed the potatoes for dinner tonight. They were so delicious. I need to leave them alone.......but I can't help it.

Your Granny made the most beautiful quilts for your children. What an heirloom.

Well our family will go to a wedding tomorrow. It is at a camp.....we are to stay all day and evening. They will have a worship time under the stars. I can't wait. My soul needs some will happen when I sing songs of praise to my Father.
Love you sweet friend, Linda

Linda Stubbs said...

Forgot to tell you.......your children are precious!
me again

Kath said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Quilta are such a great gift that gives and gives. And gives.
Love your 'photo op" with them.

Grandma said...

Hi Narn,
I'll have to show Granny your blogspot. They really are lovely quilts and the photos are lovely, as were the ones Sel had on her camera!!
I hope your trip to the snow went well - my trip to the tropics was very nice. We showed Grandma (Dad's) your blogspot when we were there - went to a little internet place at Tabo's information centre!

Cairns was lovely and warm, but it is good to be home - even if I have to head off to work early tomorrow! Left a message on your phone - will try and catch up soon.
Lots and lots of love to all
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx
ps all the Cairns & Tableland rellies were asking about you all. Melanie especially said to say hi!) xxx

Homemaker Ang said...

your quilts are breath taking as well as your blog Renata!

Unknown said...

OH WOW!!! These are beautiful works of art that I your children will always cherish!

the happy sparrow said...

Hey Renata! I love the photos of the quilts!! They are beautiful! Thankyou so much for the beautiful Cath Kidston mug!! Loving it!! Love Martine

Saminda said...

Oh Renata, how precious they are!!! You are very blessed to have a Granny who is so loving and so talented. :) I love the photo of Ellie walking past the quilts in that lovely dress. And the one of one of the twins in the rocking chair. Beautiful! I love quilts. :)
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday too. I really hope we get to meet one day! xx

Kimmie said...

just beautiful. what a gift!!

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