Aussie bloggers meet up!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

 It really came about because when Christy & her family dropped in here at Sunnyside on their way to Qld  the week before Christmas she mentioned how much fun it would be to take the chance to meet with some Queensland bloggers since we were both holidaying up there.  I agreed & Christy being the amazing organiser that she is set out to make it work.  

The Aussie bloggers!
It was a perfect summers morning ~ the second of January when we had set to meet.  We'd decided the beach & I must admit to some nerves.  I had previous (in real life) relationships with all the girls except Saminda, but still I hadn't seen  them in a long time ( except Christy) & I know I look a whole lot older since then.   I did what all big sisters do ~ I talked my sister in coming with me.  So with my little sis holding my hand for moral support ( plus we needed someone to take photographs ~ thanks Sel!!) we set off.  What a beautiful day to meet at the beach.

It was so much fun! We talked like long-lost friends.  Because we knew so much about each other's lives it was easy to pick up conversations.  Were there ever a lull it wasn't uncomfortable ~ possibly all of us catching our breath at the same time :)  It was so nice to finally meet Saminda in person after reading her blog for years & emailing at different times. 

Martine, Renata, Saminda, Christy & Smilie Girl

 *   I used to work with the beautiful Smilie Girl back in my radiographer days. She blogs at "The Adventures of Box boy & Lego Lad". 
*   I was friends with Christy's younger sister when I was 10 & then we went to church together after I married Dave.  She blogs at "My family Vine".
*   Martine is one of my younger sisters closest friends. I have felt for so long that we are real friends as I've heard about her for many years & it was great to meet her a couple of years ago.  She blogs at "Happy Sparrow"
*   Saminda was just as beautiful in real life as she appears on her blog.  She blogs at "Ferns by the fireside".

So much fun for us all!!
Sorry if you lived nearby & wasn't invited.  As I mentioned it was very last minute & contact was all done over phone as we didn't have our internet with us.  We'll have to organise another meet-up in the future ~ this time with more planning ahead, so we can invite everyone nearby.

How I would love to meet all the ladies I've "met" through this bloggy world.  But since that's just not possible, it was so nice to meet even just a few!!

Have a wonderful day


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

How blessed were you guys! Saminda and Martine were there too? Oh wow, am I allowed to be envious? It would seem like a reunion to me rather than a first meeting! If only I lived nearer to the big smoke. Next time you have to come via the coastal route and stop off at the halfway point and come and visit me okay!

Selina said...

Hey Narn,
It was a lovely morning at the beach with all the blog ladies. Anytime you need a hand held, or a hug, I'm here for you,

abba12 said...

I never update my blog enough to be noticed for this sort of thing lol. I don't know exactly where you are, but guessing it's the GC I'm no more than 20 minutes away :P Next time!

Looks like you guys had fun! And looks like you managed to pick a great day for it, what with the awful weather we've had here, raining and freezing one day, 40 degrees the next, and not a single storm in sight.

primitive ole frugal mumma said...

How awesome meeting up i bet there was heaps of laughs and some happy memories made!!

Blessings Heidi

Christy said...

It was SO FUN Renata!! it was amazing how it all happened. Next time hopefully more people can come - I missed not meeting Mum-me and a few others :) It was indeed a wonderful morning ! Thanks for being brave enough to be the first to blog it LOL! xo

the happy sparrow said...

hey there Renata! It was such a special morning!! Thanks so much for inviting me along! Ann - it would be so lovely to meet you one day! Lots of love, Martine

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh, I need to go and 'meet' some of these ladies through their blogs now!

What a great opportunity that was... I just blogged about online friendships and how 'real' they are :)

Amanda said...

what fun!

and look at that wonderful, sunny, beautfiul weather behind the lovely ladies:)!!!

Ruby Jean said...

Oh Renata... That sounds so VERY Lovely it is always so fun to be able to meet blogging friends in Real life... And it is amazing how you can just pick up and talk as though you know each other your whole lives... :)
I pray you have a Blessed week!!!

Melanie said...

Wow Ladies! What a great experience! I'm not a blogger, but I follow blogs and feel like I know you. Have met Smilie Girl and I know Christy from church. Love your blog Renata and missing yours Saminda. I want to know how your choir experience went. Martine - I haven't seen yours before, but will have to have a look.

Kylie said...

Just stumbled onto your blog :-) What a great idea, I sure bet it was fun!!

I'd love it if you would add your blog to the Aussie Homeschool Bloggers list here

Jen said...

Looks like fun!

Cassandra-ann said...

Just wanted to pop past and say HI !!!!! I am just catching up on your blog now, i have missed reading it so much!
I hope you guys are all well
Cassandra xx

Smilie girl said...

It was a wonderful morning Renata. You are as beautiful now as always, but I'm glad you brought Sel along cause she's lovely too.
I am so grateful to have met in person these ladies. They are gorgeous inside and out.
I know Mum-me was sorry to have missed coming. Hello Melanie, I've enjoyed meeting you too.
Love to you and your family. And thanks for the pictures!

Frizzy said...

I love that you all got together. SO much fun! I've met a couple bloggers IRL and it felt much the same. Amazing isn't it?!

God is good.

BTW, I love your header. How did you do that with the black and white but chicken, rocker,quilts and cow in color? Do tell!

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