Homeschooling 2012 ~ & our new schedule!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I know I mentioned to you all that we began our school year last week...

2012 is a year which marks a few changes in the Sunnyside School room.  When we began homeschooling in 2009 I truly didn't know if we would last this long & if it would suit us, but we have been pleasantly surprised how well it works for our family ~ sure it is a whole lot of work for me at times, but  I've always said that I'd rather be busy than bored & I thoroughly enjoy the teaching side of it!  I love spending time with my children.  Even on the difficult days ( & there certainly are those) I wouldn't change it ~ each child is unique & a blessing from God!  This year I have 4 'official' students with Eli & Jud beginning what is their 'official' education!

These are their " First day of schooling" photos for the year:

ZAI ~ In 2012 Zai is completing year 4.  Zai is a good student & really needs very little more than general  guidance.  We are working towards more independent learning for him this year.  He has been working through a free typing tutor online over the holidays  & although he still has to complete it I have been pleasantly surprised with how well he is going with touch typing. This year he will continue to study Maths, English, History, Science, PDHPE & Art ( including drama & music) as per the requirements.

ELLIE ~ Ellie is in year 3 this year & we will continue to focus on improving her literacy skills.    Ellie's work requirements often mirror Zai's with them both now being in stage 2 ( NSW).  In fact it is wonderful that they can now do their intergrated (all subjects other than Maths & English) subjects together which makes it easier for me to facilitate.

ELI  & JUD ~ I hate to bundle these two together all the time, but in this situation I'd be writing the same thing.  The boys begin kindergarten this year & I've decided to embark into using the Spalding method for their literacy component (which lets face it makes up most of their schooling).  I'm a little hesitant as I don't know if I have a complete grasp on the method, so I'm studying up.  It really is an excellent, well tested method that gives fantastic results.  I am hoping to bring in elements of it with Zai & Ellie as well as I think it can only be beneficial to their literacy skills.  The boys will also complete  Maths, History, Science PDHPE & Art at a foundation level.  These are such fun lessons & a lot of what we are doing for first term is a revision of what they did last year in our preschool times ( let me recommend doing a good preschool program with your children the year before they begin their official education ~ I made ours up myself, but it has been so beneficial to my boys (& was so much fun for me :) ).

As with every new year I like to do a new MOTH schedule & since I just  L..O..V..E... reading other people's schedules (I am wondering if I'm normal) I thought I'd share ours with you just in case you are like me :) (Remember a schedule is only a guide of how your 'perfect' day would go ~ none have ever gone perfectly yet!)

HERE is the link to an actual copy of our schedule
(Sorry I don't know how to put a word document directly on here).

 You may be amazed at how much time I've set for school work.  Our course I will admit is rather work heavy, but I also like to leave plenty of time for schooling in case a concept takes time to be understood or some distraction happens ( which is rather often for one of my students.... I'll let you guess which one).  Also we only school 4 days a week leaving the 5th day for get-togethers such as our homeschool group (monthly), a dance class with other home schooling families or some farm work which requires a day off the books.  If we end up with an extra day (which is rarely), I always find some kind of project for the children to complete.  This gives me flexibility & still I am able to make sure they cover all the required work.

I've found if I'm dilligent in getting up on time & keeping myself in schedule during the day it helps everyone be on track as well.

Today I'm joining up with other Aussie homeschooling Mums:
Our Worldwide Classroom

I hope you all have a wonderful year full of learning & fun!


Mum-me said...

I hope your school year runs smoothly. I can certainly see all the advantages to homeschooling. Your children have all grown up so much since I started reading your blog - you must be so proud of you beautiful/handsome brood.

Selina said...

Hi Narn,
So lovely to see pictures of the little ones. They are getting so big!!
Give them all a hug for me. I keep meaning to call you, I am on day shifts all this week, so it will have to be an evening.
Much love,

Grandma said...

They are sooooooooooooooo lovely!!! Give them all a huge hug from me. Be interesting to see how well you stick to schedule, but I guess you really have to to cover the work.
Love you all
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jen said...

So nice to meet your kids and to see your schedule! I'm off to read the other homeschooling moms from Australia!

Smilie girl said...

Thanks for sharing. They are a beautiful bunch and I wish them a wonderful year of learning. We've been to the class information nights recently and seen how the timetable has had to change to accomodate the National curriculum. Very interesting.

Jenn said...

Sounds like your ready to roll for another year! We have about 3 more months to go before our summer break. But, things are going smoothly and I'm all about that! :)

Kylie said...

Lovely to * meet * your children. Thanks for joining in with the NBTSD Hop :-)

Chareen said...

Hi Renata

Great to meet your family. Thanks for the links I will check them out later.

Lovely photo's

Erin said...

Can't get over how much the children have grown since I last popped in. Big Spalding fan here however I'll be honest, I never found the ideas teacher friendly nor would my students co-operate. Our biggest blessing last year was discovering All About Spelling which is Spalding based and so teacher friendly:)

I have a new K-er this year too can't imagine having 2!

April said...

Hello Renata! You are super organised. I've not seen MOTH before, nor heard of Spalding. I'll have to go link looking now :) Lovely to meet your family!

Michelle said...

Hi Renata
You are so organised. Sticking to a timetable only lasts for a few weeks here. Never heard of MOTH before.
Have a great school year, will miss you all at camp. Gracie waves to your lovely family.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Loved reading your schedule... I *love* reading them too! I have actually had so many good ideas from other people's schedules. In fact, until I began blogging, I didn't know anyone did such a things, so they've been really helpful to me.
Your kids are *gorgeous*.
Oh - was gonna ask - Do you have legal requirements to fulfill in Australia??

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