The big wet!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It seems this summer has been a summer filled with rain.  Unusual for this part of the country where summer is generally characterised by dry hot days that make you feel like your wilting from the outside in everytime you leave the sanctuary of your air conditioned house.  Not so this year ~ it's been just beautiful.  

Just because I couldn't resist capturing this on Sunday before church!

Good old autumn was not to be left behind.  We ushered summer out with rainfall & it continued all week.  In fact we measured over 6 inches of rain in the few days which felt like it was more than happened in a single year of  the first couple we lived here for.
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On our way to church.. (I promise I wasn't going fast & photographing...)

With so much rain upon the earth that isn't used to holding it  comes much flooding & this area is still feeling the results of the deluge upon already full rivers & dams.  Here at Sunnyside we were sitting high & dry on our little hill ( the hightest point around).  Apparently we were cut off from town ( the big town) last Sunday with the highway we front onto being flooded.  Since we attend church in the opposite direction I am going on heresay though.  I do know we had to drive through a lot of water to get to church, but I was happy that it was very shallow & not moving very fast ~ otherwise I wouldn't have attempted it.   

Oh the way home ~ the stretch of highway not far.

 After church we headed down to a local creek that was quickly becoming a raging torrent. I am amazed at how much water there was rushing into it & how very quickly it was moving.  This was taken Sunday at lunch time ~ apparently it rose further & was even over the road at some point ( once again going on what I've heard).

M. Creek ~ usually just a trickle of water if any at all.

Looking in the other direction...
Our big dam was overflowing when we arrived home.  Actually it was most likely overflowing before that, but the rain was too heavy for us to go & investigate.  It is wonderful seeing our dams so very full.  The first couple of years there was barely a drop in them.  It even dried out completely.  Thank you God for full dams!!!!

Both the silt & big dam ~ as you can see they have joined up again...
The big dam is certainly a BIG dam now!

On our walk around the farm we found this gumtree that had been completely uprooted ~ thankfully it hadn't damaged anything more than a small section of fencing. 

They had a great science lesson on how plants are created :)
So much water around just begging for children to jump in is much too tempting.  Once the sun came out, so did the old clothes & the blow~up boards & the kids had loads of fun getting wet & muddy in the contour banks of our front paddock.  

Meanwhile Dave was away in Melbourne & missed the drama of it.  Thankfully he got through on Tuesday & returned home to a very wet & boggy  but beautiful Sunnyside.  It will take weeks for the paddocks to dry out!!

We are so blessed to have the rain ~ what a fantastic start to the season!  The dams & tanks are full again!!

Have a wonderful day my friends ~ hope you are all high & dry :)


Mum-me said...

I have been amazed to hear how much rain has fallen around your area! Some of our old friends from Canberra told us they'd had a lot of the wet stuff too and were bragging about 35mm in one day. { We decided not to tell them about the 250mm we got here in a 36 hour period just last month ;) } I am imagining how beautiful the countryside will b come Spring!

Smilie girl said...

Leanne was just asking me today if you had been affected by the rains. I'll happily point her in this direction. Enjoy your wonderful full dams.

Selina said...

Hi Narn,
So glad that you are all alright, and not flooding. Thanks for showing us the photo's. Your dam looks like a lake now. You'll be able to make the most of it all and have loonnggg showers.
Have a great day,

Grandma said...

Comment no.2 Not sure if the first one got through or not, cos I got some weird message about not being able to find the window.
In case you didn't - it all looks amazing. The water table will be benefiting from it all - are the farmers happy, or shouldn't I ask????
Glad you're all keeping well and looks like some are having a lot of fun. I guess normally it rains in winter there, when it's a bit too cool to play in the water, whereas at this time of year, it's not too cold! Pray for me on Friday morn - 2hrs at the dentist getting part one of a crown done aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! - I can feel a serious case of 'ploms' coming on!!! Love to all - pray for the dentist too as he's not overly experienced.........
Love you heaps
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Frizzy said...

Rain and water is every so healing and cleansing isn't it?

Loved reading your words and seeing your pics today.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Wow- lots of water....and yes- too tempting...

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