A Child's Geography - Explore the Classical World (Review, GIVEAWAY & MEGA - GIVEAWAY)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Knowledge Quest is a well known provider  of high quality curriculum & resources for the homeschooling family.   I have previously reviewed one of their products & today I am blessed to be able to be part of the launch team for their newest geography curriculum, A Child's Geography Volume Three: Explore the Classic World by Terri Johnson.

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A Child's Geography Volumes one & two were written by well-known author Ann Voskamp.  These Volumes include Volume One: Explore His Earth & Volume Two: Explore the Holy Land.  Terri Johnson has continued this much loved 'living book' curriculum with an exploration into the classical world.  She provides students with the chance to experience this important part of our world through her eyes.  Her conversational writing style allows students to feel as if they are themselves travelling & exploring the fascinating history & geography of Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy & Malta.  It provides students with a unique chance to learn amazing facts about the countries as they 'travel' through each one.

A Child's Geography Volume Three: Explore the Classical World contains 15 chapters which each cover a unique region (some countries are covered in multiple, consecutive chapters) of the classical world.  Each chapter is written to be easily read with numerous pictures scattered throughout the text.  The writing goes into extensive detail about the area's historical significance, people groups, ancient tales & history.  Throughout the text, the geography is amply described to ensure the student will be able to both picture the settings  & understand the unique environments within this part of the world.  About half way through the chapter & again at the end, a section is set apart which encourages students to make their own notes and answer some questions on the content.  This enables the teacher to ensure full comprehension of the material before continuing on.    Finally the chapters close with a timeline to allow the student to place the events within the correct historical period.

A large range of additional sections is also supplied with the purchase.  This includes a list of extra reading selections, a recommended activity for each chapter (these are generally a fun art activity), recipes from this part of the world, a prayer guide, timelines, a travel log & maps. Each section compliments the curriculum to make it a more meaningful experience for the student.  

I received an ebook pdf download of A Child's Geography Volume Three: Explore the Classical World. It also included a coloured map of this region and access to the extras.  Although I printed it in it's entirety, it needs to be noted that  throughout the ebook copy is links to definitions of various words, websites with pictures & videos of related events.  This enables the student the ability to further experience & understand the content being explored.

Zai loves this genre and has read many books on both geography & history.  I allocated this as part of his curriculum and being in 5th grade he was easily able to read & work through this text independently.  He enjoyed it so much that he found it hard to leave to complete his other subjects & so I had to ensure it was scheduled for the end of the day.  In fact he even took it to bed with him to read!!!  
As a homeschooling mother I am particularly impressed with this curriculum and the quality of content throughout it's pages ( as was our NSW Board of Studies registration inspector who spent considerable time looking through it).  I originally intended for Zai to work through this independently, but I am now hoping to use it next year as the primary Geography curriculum for all of our children. I highly recommend it to homeschooling families who love the 'living book' style of learning! 

A Child's Geography Volume Three: Explore the Classical World is available from Knowledge Quest as a physical book which includes a CD of timelines, map work, activities, recipes, prayer guide & more for $34.95 or as an ebook (pdf) (with access to the extras) for $24.95.  A Child's Geography Volume Three is recommended for students in Grades 1-6.


Knowledge Quest has been generous enough to provide me with an additional copy of A Child's Geography Volume Three: Explore the Classical World in ebook  format to GIVEAWAY to one of my readers.  This giveaway is open WORLD WIDE & I would love to have you enter:

to celebrate the launch of this amazing curriculum Knowledge Quest is also providing readers with a US address the chance to win their Mega-giveaway with over $640 worth of prizes.  Sadly I don't qualify to enter (being Australian), but I think this is an amazing list of prizes! 

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