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Saturday, January 25, 2014

I am having a whole lot of fun playing with my new camera.  These are random shots from the weekdays this week!  I am posting them without any processing so please forgive the imperfections.'s all around if only we attune our eyes to see it!

Monday 20th....A quiet day on the farm enjoying the cool change!  This is one of our 'house hens' as I call the two that live around the house (seriously ~ they even sleep up here near the house even though they have a perfectly good hen house!).  The rest are now kept in a new chicken house a long way away from the pigs after the debacle last year!

Tuesday 21st...Was a perfectly perfect day to can peaches!  So now we have 34 bottles of peaches sitting in the pantry (13 kg of peaches) & I intend to purchase a box of nectarines this week too (then onto chutneys, tomatoes & sauces if I can find a good supplier of tomatoes). 

 Wednesday 22nd...This may not be exactly beautiful, but what this 22000L water tank holds is beautiful to us!  We completely ran out of water & so our very generous friend lent us his enormous truck with water tank on the back so we could have water again!  What a blessing!

Thursday 23rd...Just because he's so cute (it's not like I'm biased or anything...;)  )!  ~ Jud

 Friday 24th...It rained all day!  YAY!!!!! (And I made jam, but haven't put up the photos just yet).  This is the first rain for the year & really the first since early spring (September).  Dave & I took a quick trip down to the back paddock to check the water flow to plan where to put the big dam we are hoping to have built!  I chickened & stayed in the car while Dave got soaking wet walking the paddock ( the rain was cold ~ that's my excuse!)!

Have a lovely day

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