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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The search for curriculum can be a tiresome task.  Sure, it's great fun, but too often we homeschooling mothers end up confused & overwhelmed as we sift through the numerous options to try & find the very best for our children.  I am a self-described 'curriculum junkie'.  I love curriculum, but there is so much variety on the Internet that I am often unsure as to what to choose.  I have recently been given a Yearly Membership to  This is an online homeschooling website from the homeschooling  specialists at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  It is jam-packed full of curriculum, advice & help for every member of the homeschooling family. is a unique website designed to support, guide & teach homeschooling students of every age & ability . From Shakespeare to Videomaking, Sewing to Economics, every possible learning area appears to be represented in the long list of lessons available.  The curriculum is original, relevant & up to date. It is well written to meet numerous academic learning levels.  There is even a section for ESL and Special Needs students. is broken up into classes. Each class provides tuition in a different subject area.   Some classes provide a full year of content, some a full semester & others are to be used as supplementary material.  These classes are easy to use for both the parent and the student. All classes are taught by professionals in their field of expertise.  Interaction between student & teacher is encouraged.

An example of some of the lower level classes available.

The classes are written to cater to specific learning stages. Whether your student is in  Pre-K, K, Elementary, Middle School or High School, there are different subject options available to them. Many of the lessons encompass multiple stages which makes it easy for siblings to learn together. There is even a specific section for Families/Parents which includes lessons for the whole family. Review

A unique aspect of is the Schoolhouse Dailies section.  This section contains a large variety of lessons designed to be completed each school day.  Some are to be completed by date, others are in a gradual form that builds upon previous lessons and others are topical with the parent choosing what they would like their student to learn.  All dailies are very short lessons designed  to keep the student interested without being overwhelming. There is even a ditch the desk section which promotes hands-on learning. Review

We previously reviewed in 2012. While I found the variety of content to be excellent then, I was very surprised at the quantity of content now available.  When I first logged into this website, I was overwhelmed with the choices available to me.  However, after watching the site tour video it all began to make sense. I downloaded the Master Course Checklist and then chose the topics that I wished to specifically look at. After doing this it was easy for me to navigate my way around the program and look at these specific lessons under these topics ( &  the many others that piqued my interest).

While I had a thorough look at the more 'academic' topics,  I personally enjoyed the lessons on Homesteading, Everyday Organisation & the Joy in the Morning devotional especially designed for busy homeshooling mothers. My children were more interested in the Everyday Games, This day in History (they loved  looking  up our birthdays) & for one particular son who's developing an interest: Simply Shakespeare.  While we didn't have time to complete more than one or two lessons in each section, I certainly intend to utilise this resource in the future. is a  comprehensive educational resource for homeschooling families. It is possible to utilise it for the majority of a student's learning program. The membership also contains many extra resources to encourage & equip you as you take on this important role. makes homeschooling your children easy. Review

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