Tasmanian Treasures - Bruny Island

Friday, March 6, 2015

Looking back towards mainland Tas.

One of my favourite places that we visited while on our Tasmanian adventures last December was Bruny Island.  Bruny Island is a small island just off the southern Tasmanian mainland and is only accessible by car ferry.  It is a place which still holds much of the natural wilderness that the early adventurers found so fascinating.  Bruny Island holds an untouched wildness and we couldn't wait to visit.  In fact on our first day in Hobart we made the trip there!  We were quickly enchanted with this gorgeous piece of Australia.  It is certainly worth visiting. While the endless beaches call to you, it is the luscious farms that run right down to the beach that remind me of a dream. 

We felt quite the explorers as we embarked along a dirt laneway to the northern end of the island.  The brochure we had promised a café of sorts and as it was nearing lunch we decided to stop there.  Unfortunately we hadn't read the fineprint  that mentioned that the café is only open by appointment.  After many twists and turns on the dirt lane we were so  disappointed to find it closed (but the scenery we came across was worth the drive). 

We quickly decided to head south and find somewhere that was open and served food to hungry tourists.  Thankfully Hotel Bruny was open.  It is Australia's southern-most pub.  As it is well known for it's seafood, we decided to partake (as if we needed any excuse to eat good seafood).  After a luscious meal of fish and chips, the younger children  were eager for a swim and so we decided they could enjoy the water.  As we sat watching them we were able to witness a rain front moving across the island towards us.  We waited as long as possible and then quickly raced for the car as it caught up to us! 

We then went on our touristy way and visited many of the places Bruny had to offer.  Should you visit Bruny, you MUST stop at the fudge shop.  Their fudge is divine (make sure you purchase a lot - it disappears....;) !


Across the road from the Bruny Island Berry Farm (where the children enjoyed some homemade icecream), we found a beach where Captain Cook's ship used to stop to get water.  I was amazed that the stream right there on the beach held fresh water. It felt as if I was stepping back in time as I drank from the same place as those of yesteryear!

Fresh water right here...


We finished our day with a visit to the famous Bruny Island Cheese Company.   One of our favourite cookbooks is co-written by the owner of this Cheese company, Nick Haddow.    Anyone who reads here knows our addiction to good artisan food and this definitely did not disappoint!  I highly recommend trying their cheeses if you get the chance!

Bruny Island is a gorgeous part of Australia.  I am so glad we decide to make it part of our trip. Should we be blessed enough to ever travel there again, we would put this beautiful island high on our list of places to revisit!

Have a lovely day friends
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