Dig-It! Games: Mayan Mysteries (Review)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dig It! Games Review
We first encountered Dig-It Games when we reviewed their online game, Mayan Mysteries, in 2013.  Zai really loved the program and has talked about it ever since.  At the time we reviewed it, the game came to an abrupt halt at the end of level one.  It seemed to just finish with no real ending.  There was, however, the promise that the game was going to be extended at a later date.  We'd since heard that it was completed, so when we were offered the chance to review the complete game, we eagerly accepted.  Zai has been using Mayan Mysteries (Online Game) from Dig-it! Games for the past few weeks.  He has completed the game & Ellie (who was waiting rather impatiently) has now begun!

Dig It! Games Review
Mayan Mysteries by Dig-it! Games is a completely online game played over the Internet. There is a mobile app available too.  We received access to the online game and played it on our PC.  Mayan Mysteries is for students in grades 5 - 9.  Zai who is in grade 7  & Ellie who is in grade 6 both enjoyed using it!
The Mayan Mysteries game begins with a short animated comic strip which introduces the story.  There is an urgent situation in Guatemala.  A certain looter named Ladrone has been stealing ancient artefacts.  You are introduced to your other team members who, with you, must look for clues to catch this notorious criminal as well as find the mythical city of Ich'aac.  
Dig It! Games Review

There are three levels within the Mayan Mysteries online game.  Each level contains a varying number of sites and each of these sites must be thoroughly investigated by the player.  At each site the player must complete a modern activity followed by an ancient activity.    The activities are fun & educational.  They include working with the Mayan currency, evacuating a dig site, finding artefacts which belonged to a certain individual of rank, digging canals etc.   As the player completes these activities, they are also learning about the ancient Mayan civilisation. There are review quizzes after each level. This ensures that the player has retained what they have learned. There is also a further animated film strip between each level which encourages the player on their quest. Mayan Mysteries is a complete game with no additional resources required.  It even includes an encyclopaedia within the game. 
Dig It! Games Review

Zai completed the whole game rather quickly.  He was so pleased to be named in the top 10 upon completion (see Sunnyside Mama below on Leaderboard)! !  He thought the game was fun, entertaining & interesting.  The only part he found frustrating was that occasionally he had to wait for our Internet to load ( it is a rather slow connection at times).  He found Mayan Mysteries very easy to navigate & needed no assistance from me.  He was so excited about the extension of the game & thought it came to a good conclusion. His favourite activities were finding the specific artefacts that belonged to people of a certain rank & also digging the canals.  

Mayan Mysteries by Dig-It! Games is a fun way to learn. While it's predominant educational focus is history, it also incorporates geography, maths & critical thinking.  Mayan Mysteries is a great way to incorporate learning outside the traditional classroom! A free demonstration game is available on the Mayan Mysteries website!

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Dig-It! Games Review

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