A trip to Parliament House, Canberra

Friday, October 9, 2015

We love going to Canberra (the capital city of Australia) and so we take any opportunity to visit.  Our favourite part is the many free attractions open to the public - and of course, being a homeschooling Mum, I appreciate the educational value of them as well!  
When the twins were asked to visit Canberra as part of an ongoing dental study we decided to take the whole family.  We made it a two day visit & had so much fun! We enjoyed getting up & visiting the Farmer's markets, although we do produce a lot of the things there ourselves ( or have great suppliers around here). One thing lacking here, though, is good fruit & veges, so I was able to stock up!  We also enjoyed visiting the Lifeline Book Fest (which just happened to be on the weekend we were there....). That particular weekend, Parliament house was also open to the public.  As we haven't been there since the twins were very small, we thought it would be educational for the children to go & see this important place in Australian History!  

Zai decided to host a press conference - I wonder if his future will include any of these?  His serious face conveys a matter of great importance is going to be addressed.....

Do you see that flag flying above Parliament House in the first picture?  This flag on the wall is the same size.  I was amazed at the proportions of it!  Ellie (who is my size) is only as big as the star. 

Of course, I had to take some photos of the spring blossoms in the well maintained gardens.... you know me....

Proof that our country was built on the Christian faith....if only our politicians would hold to those same values now.

They even opened the roof up to the public, for a time, while we were there.  Parliament house is certainly positioned to show the most beautiful views of Canberra & it's surrounds!

 (The white building is the Old Parliament House & the building at the very end of the road is the War Memorial).
People were encouraged to run or even roll down the grassy slopes which led from the roof to the car park.  I chose a gentle stroll (while taking pictures - of course), but some wild children raced up & down (& a couple of them may have rolled, which in hindsight may have contributed to their overall dirty look when we arrived for their dental appointments later that afternoon...hmmm....)!

Have a lovely day friends
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