Thursday, October 22, 2015

 A September trip to Canberra would not be complete (at least for our family) without a visit to Floriade.  Floriade is an annual festival that celebrates the coming of spring.  I just love the beauty of the flowers that are the epitome of the Floriade celebrations!  The air still holds a coolness to it & the floral scent just fills the air! It is such a delight to the senses & makes for a fun (& free) family day.  We always try to make sure a Canberra trip is on the calendar sometime in the month (mid-Sept to mid-Oct) that Floriade is on!
The first time we visited Floriade, I did not even know I was pregnant until a few days later.  I did know that I was oh, so tired though - surprise - twins were on the way!  Now look at this crazy pair!
I just love the pansies in this bed! 
We have a photo from a Floriade visit  years ago when the twins were only about one in front of a flowerbed similar to this some flowers.  We tried to re-enact the scene!
He's so tall now...and growing all the time.  I have to look up to him (this is the angle I see him from these days) - our Zai really is a young man now ( & takes on the responsibilities of such as well)! 
 Eli decided to follow some ducks, which is no surprise as his love & enthusiasm for birds is well known in our family.  He would spend all his time outside bird watching if he were allowed.   In fact I find myself interested in birds more & more because of this boy's great love! 
He even took his video camera, which is filled with bird pictures! 
And Ellie had her camera too!  - I'm not sure who they take after with their love for capturing images....
Jud led us along a random path and we found a maze made out of bamboo!  It was so fun to explore!
At one point, there was a beautiful arch-way of fairy lights.  How I would have loved to have seen this in the night time!
And of all the things to capture their interest, the boys ( & Dave) found the remains of a half decayed bat most interesting.....males...???!!!???
At the end of our path, we found a pavilion filled with designs fashioned from plants.  I'm not sure how comfortable they would be to actually wear, but they were certainly interesting!

Another beautiful trip to Floriade! 
A great start to a particularly gorgeous Springtime here at Sunnyside!
May you have a lovely day friends!

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