Brinkman Adventures (Review)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Our family really enjoys listening to audio presentations.  We also happen to love missionary stories.  When we were offered the chance to review Season Three of  The Brinkman Adventures, which combines both of these, we eagerly jumped at the chance.  We have listened to these quality audio presentations & have been so impressed & encouraged about how God is working in this world!

Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

 There are three separate seasons of The Brinkman Adventures available.  Each season contains twelve unique stories intertwining the adventures of the large, endearing Brinkman family with true, bold & miraculous missionary stories.   The Brinkman Adventures: Season Three is available as either a pack of five physical CD or as an MP3 digital download.  We were given the digital download for review purposes. I was easily able to download it to my laptop.

The Brinkman Adventures: Season Three contains ten separate missionary stories.  (A couple of the adventures are told over two episodes.) 
The Adventures are:
Episode One :  God's Mule
Episode Two: Mountain Mover
Episode Three: The Silent Ambassador
Episode Four: Translating Trouble
Episode Five: Man-Up
Episode Six: Acorns & Oaks
Episode Seven: A Saint's Story Part 1
Episode Eight: A Saint's Story Part 2
Episode Nine: Untouched
Episode Ten: Busy Bees and a Bullhorn
Episode Eleven: Missionary Tourist Part 1
Episode Twelve: Missionary Tourist Part 2

Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

The combination of a modern day family & missionary stories works well to keep both children & adults  entertained, whilst learning more about the world around them. While the Brinkman family & their adventures are works of fiction (although loosely based upon the creator's own family), each missionary story included in these recordings is the true story of someone who has put their life on the line for the Lord.  There are many amazing miracles retold in this collection.  These are the stories that our children need to be hearing & these are the people that we want our children to try to emulate. The inclusion of the Brinkman family in the stories really helps to bring the true stories to life. 

We listened to The Brinkman Adventures: Season Three over the past few weeks.  My four children eagerly listened to the first one & then begged to listen to more & more of them.  One afternoon they listened for 3 hours!  

We really enjoyed the way the stories were presented.  The production quality was excellent with the characters being both believable & captivating.   Each recording can be listened to as a stand alone recording (with the exception of the two part stories), although there is some continuation of the Brinkman family & friends' story throughout episodes, so it is nice to have the whole season.  

 I particularly enjoyed reading about how the creator of  The Brinkman Adventures, Ian Bultman, came to write these adventures & the purpose behind doing so. 
That can be read HERE.   Available on their website is also the real stories behind the stories.  This contains more details of the actual missionary being highlighted & their real life story.   

Overall, we highly recommend this resource.  Not only is it fun for the family to listen to, but it also teaches the listener about God & how we can trust Him in the most difficult of circumstances if we are doing what He wants us to!
Now my children are asking for the other two seasons....

 Brinkman Adventures can be purchased through their website for a donation.
They can also be found on Facebook.

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Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

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