"Click go the shears boys."....& girl!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

This morning our neighbours decided to crutch some sheep & since they were in our paddocks (we're adjisting them), they asked if they could use our shearing shed! Dave & I both got a turn at shearing - no lambs were hurt in the process!


Granny said...

How many sheep can you both shear??? Good to see you getting right into the country life! Chocolate covered boys look really good - especially when the chocolate is spread all over the floor!
And a special happy 4th birthday Ellie from your Great Granny xxxx
I'll have to come down sometime and see you all! Lots of love Granny

Renata said...

Definetely cannot shear a whole sheep! - it is difficult even to keep hold on the shears as they vibrate a lot!

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