To laugh- or cry ?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yesterday was my fortnightly trip to the closest big town (1 hr away). What started as a fun trip to do birthday shopping & groceries soon turned out into a circus. I should have known when Zai hopped off the bus on Thursday with a temperature that everything wouldn't going to plan. As this continued all night I decided to keep him home. Since this was my last chance to go to town before Monday ( Ellie's birthday) I still decided to go - just with all 4 kids in tow.

Unfortunately about 5km before we got there Ellie decided to vomit all over her dress - and I mean all over it! I had also forgotten to bring a change of clothes for her, so Ellie had to wear Zai's shirt ( lucky he was there) into the shops & Zai went shirtless - yes the ultimate feral family look!

Birthday shopping with 4 kids isn't my idea of fun. I thought Ellie could help me pick out her pressie - well she helped, but so did Zai, & Eli & Jud. Finally I purchased a pressie I thought she would like, although she says she doesn't want it - oh well, mum know nothing!

When we got home the kids made a mud puddle in the yard & you can see what state Eli was in - oh & this was only 10 mins before our dinner guests arrived( at least they are very patient people).


Kate said...

oh Renata is all I can think of to say. I have had those days too but you have them times two of our houshold (or is that three, considering you have twins!!)
Well what's a day without spew and mud I day at all :-) :-) All you can do is laugh honey, what else can we do?! xo

Grandma said...

How much mud does it take to cover a boy??? (or chocolate or butter or whatever???)
Glad Friday's trip was a safe one - you're very brave??? having people over after being out all day!!!
Happy, happy birthday to Elly. Aunty Corina wants you to take pictures of Elly opening her presents. Lots of lovexxxxxxxxxxx

Granny said...

Granny asks 'Did you give Elijah a black eye for getting all muddy???? '(or is it just mud)????

Renata said...

definetely just mud

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