Easter Hat chaos!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

We've just arrived home from the annual easter hat parade run at the school for the preschool, kinder, grade 1 & 2 students. It is so cute the schoolers made their hats over the last few days & we went in & the preschoolers made theirs this morning ( utter chaos - the teachers will sleep well tonight), then they walk to the school & all parade around the basketball court. It is just another excuse to socialise- which is done very well in this community! It is finished off with a yummy sausage sizzle.
I just need to work on remembering names, who's married to who, who's related to who, who's children belong to whom, who's best friends with whom,?????????HELP!!!This is all the preschoolers ( kids out of uniform), kinders, grade 1 & 2 students!!
My pick of the hats ( OK I may be totally biased)!!


Aunty Sel said...

My what little cuties in such cute hats. Looks like a very fun day.
Have a very happy Easter,
Wish I was celebrating it with you (it's unfortunate about work).
Love you all,
Aunty Sel.

Aunty Janita said...

Hey little chickens...
Looking soooooooooo cute.
Can't wait to see you in one week and three days!!!!!
Have a super dooper Easter
Love Aunty Janita

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