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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Zai came home from school with this card for me!
I: Here Mum I made this for you
Me: Is this a love letter for me?
I: yes you can tell because I put hearts on it for you because I love you!
OOOOOOHHHHH - how to make mummy all mushy inside!


Kate said...

oh oh oh oh how adorable!! You know the other day I felt really bad, I was rushing around doing something and Isaac grabbed me around my waist sopping me in my tracks (he's rather strong and heavy!) I said, what are you doing mate and he said nothing mum, I just love you. Our boys are going to make the best men :) :) :) xo

Grandma said...

What a gorgeous card, Zai!!! You are a very talented and kind-hearted boy. Love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps keep being kind to your Mummy-chummy!!!!

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