Rain, rain, beautiful rain!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

19.5mls in 15 mins!!
but there's no complaining here - what a glorious sight to see water rushing over this little bit of God's earth we call home!!
Rain & a visit from Aunty C- what a great day!!

I wondered what use this old "pond" was, but it sure provided much entertainment today!!

This is a pothole in the driveway that is only getting bigger - Zai calls it their favourite mud puddle!


Kate said...

I see the transistion to "farm kids" has been a pretty easy one! ;) Happy Easter and love to you all xxoo

Aunty Sel said...

Did you know that Rain follow's Aunty C wherever she goes!!!
Glad to see she arrived safely,
Hope you are all well,
make a big splash in a puddle for me,
love you all,
Aunty Sel

Grandma said...

Aunty C looks like she's having as much fun as all the littlies!!! Mud and puddles - great fun~!!!
Lots of love and xxxxxxxxxxxxx to all

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