My Mitzy Moo!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

8 years ago we got her
a cute & cuddly pup,
we never would have thought
her ending would be so abrupt!

She started getting out
by following a cat!
so we put her on a runner
& she ended up quite fat!

We couldn't keep her in
even with kids that she loved so dearly!
Jumping fences, digging under
more space she wanted ...clearly!

So she moved to our farm with us
-she had started slowing down.
She seemed to really enjoy it
no problem had we found...

til we got a potty lamb
so cute & very sweet,
which she quickly did attack
& put it into a permanent sleep!

As if that wasn't enough
she got a sheep right from the flock,
the only punishment for this crime
ends up with a shot!

So our Mitzy moo is gone
her years almost numbered 8!
Although at times she seemed a pest
She was always a great mate!

RIP Mitzy Moo


Aunty Sel said...

I miss you already,
So does Rachy.
You were a wonderful play mate for Rachy and you were very cute, especially when you ran around the yard with the packet of schmacko's.
Much love,
Aunty Sel.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
How sad, Mitzy's gone to that big farm in the sky.
Finally caught up with all your news. The puddle at the end of the driveway looks like fun.
I will try to send an email (when Cameron is sleeping) with all our news.
Love and miss you all heaps.
S, K, S & C xxxx

Wally said...

This poem is very creative. Thanks Narn for a fitting tribute to Mitzy. We will miss her too. Thanks for the new animal photos.

Renata said...

NOTE TO ALL: MITZY IS NOT DEAD IN THE LAST PHOTO!!! I didn't even realise until Aunty L thought I put a photo of a dead animal on that the picture looked like this.
I didn't even see her when she was dead.

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