Welcome Home Dad!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Today (13th/3) my dad is being discharged from hospital after 10 months & 2 days!! He suffered a grade 5 ( the worst level) subarachnoid brain haemorrhage last May & it has certainly been a long haul for him, but God is healing him & he is getting back to his old self!!
Wish we were there Dad to welcome you home with a big kiss, but for now these will have to be sufficient...

Photos taken today!
photo by Ellie!


Anonymous said...
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Wally said...

Dear Finches,
I am home at last and free of the hospital rules. It's great to be here again. Wish you were all here too. Thanks for the good wishes, kisses and prayers. Love from Dad. (Granddad)

Kate said...

that is such wonderful news!! and ellie, I think I need you as my assistant ;-)

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