Isn't she gorgous!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Little miss got this jacket last week from a very trendy aunty & uncle & she loves it! ( too say the least - she wanted to wear it everywhere, but I promptly told her it is too good for preschool & definetely tooooooo good for down in the paddock!)
We did however get these photos - & isn't she just soooooo cute!


Wally said...

How much she looks like Narn. Great to see.

Grandma said...

Hi Ellie, you look so gorgeous (you always do). In the first photo you look like Mummy did when she was your age, in the second one you are smiling just like Aunty Leish did when she was your age and in the third photo, you look just like Ellie Rose!!!! What a cool jacket - I wish I could look as cool as you do (actually you look warm!!!). Love you heaps & heaps Love Grandma

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