Lamby-poo (take two)!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Last week we were given another potty lamb - which was promptly named lamby-poo 2 ( in memory of lamby- poo 1 who was sadly eaten by our dog)!
Why lamby - poo? ...well Zai came home from school on the day we got #1 & asked if we could call him lamby poo as his teacher had read them a book about a lamb named lamby-poo who went on lots of adventures. Unfortunately our lamby-poo only went on one very big adventure!
So far lamby poo 2 has survived well & has some new playmates that I will blog about tomorrow!
He is well loved, but hey lets keep things in perspective- what yummy roast lamb next year!!mmmmmmm


Kate said...

I think I can safely say after reading this post that you have turned into a FARM GIRL!! I had an inkling after the mitzi post ;) but now I'm certain! xo

Grandma said...

Hey, that littlest guy (sorry Lij and Jud, but you trick me lots)in the top photo looks almost as big in build as Zai and Elly - is this right, or has the photo angle just given that impression?? If he's as big as he looks, you better get a few cows I think, and get some wheat growing down the track for bread or else food'll cost you a fortune in about 10 years time!!!! xxxxxxx

Grandma said...

On the subject of not knowing which twin is which - has anyone come up with a word to use when we don't know which one is in the piccy?? The 'twin' sounds so impersonal - we need something that sounds personal, but can refer to either one (for those of us who are too far away to lift the sleeve!!!) Anyway, guys love you both and miss you both heaps and heaps (and Zai & Elly and Mummy and Daddy)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Auntie Lorraine said...

You guys look like you've really settled into farm life. Love the potty calves. You will never be able to eat any of your animals as the kids have probably claimed each one as a pet. Janita, I think you should bring cocoa home with you. your dad will never have to mow the grass ever again.Byexxxxx

Renata said...

Sorry mum, I don't even know them in photos sometimes. They are called the babies or the boys by Zai & Ellie who definetely can't tell them apart - don't know how this will effect them psychologically, but that's life as an identical twin!
And yes they now weigh as much as Ellie!

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